A boy's secret

Girls seem to think that we boys need little more than a good cut and a daily shower in terms of haircare. But, as the only boy in the Amazing PR offices, I have had to let my girls in on a secret...that looking this ‘undone’ day in day out actually requires a LOT of work. When I leave my hair to its own devices it is wild - and not as in James Brown’s Great British Hairdresser ‘wild’ (all tousled cool and uber-styled) - I mean wild as in Tarzan ☺

I love the slightly unruly, bedhead style and need a product that can make me look like I have just rolled out of bed with effortless style (no need for anyone to know the not-insignificant amount of time I have spent on it). Two years ago my hairdresser at Llongueras in Madrid introduced me to Joico Erratic Moulding Clay and since then looking this naturally un-styled has never been so easy.

Work a small amount into dry hair to create your masterpiece. The cucumber smell means your hair will be left smelling fresh – ahem, not that we manly men even notice a thing like this...

Get your Joico Erratic Moulding Clay from Cheap Smell (terrible name but great prices!)