Yours Truly Cosmetics

Here at The Amazing Blog, we obviously love beauty products, but we love them even more if they have an inspirational story behind them. Kelita Bignall, the director of Yours Truly Cosmetics devoted her time to learning the science behind skincare to help overcome her own skin problems and after realising the benefits she had, decided to share her secret with the rest of the world.

The range follows a ‘cleanse, tone, repair pattern’, which takes care of every aspect of the skincare regime. Priding itself on being organic yet offering the same results as prescription strength skincare products, Yours Truly are a pleasure to use. The ‘Take it away!’ cleanser is enriched in vitamin C, which gives your skin a citrusy boost whilst the Sandalwood removes impurities without the harshness of some man made, clinical remedies. The cleanser is followed by the ‘Balancing Toner', which acts as a in between step before moisturising. It’s designed to restore the skins optimal PH using Witch Hazel and Avena Sativa (a common type of oat) to smooth the skin before the moistur. The 'Face Base Face Balm' moisturiser, which contains Daisy extracts for a brightening effect and pea extract for improved elasticity, is the last step in the process promised to combat problem skin and create the clear, beautiful skin we all lust for.

They’re also 100% animal cruelty free, if you need another reason to give them a go!

Truly Yours full product range is available here through their website.