Oriflame - Ecollogen Foaming Gel Wash & Skin Perfecting Toner

If paradise had a smell, it would most certainly be Oriflame Ecollagen Foaming Gel Wash and Skin Perfecting Toner. As soon as us girls at The Amazing Blog opened the bottles, it was almost a scuffle! With a light, yet stimulating floral scent, we could not wait to wash our faces with the foaming gel wash and use the skin perfecting toner.

After fighting our way to the loo, good naturedly of course, we were able to try out these great products. The foaming gel wash comes out of the conveniently locking pump in a clear gel and foams up well for the face. When washed off, it leaves your face feeling smooth and refreshed. The toner goes on with a cotton pad and leaves the face feeling further refreshed and soft as feathers. One of the greatest things about this toner was that it did not leave the face feeling dry at all. This is a well balanced skin care duo and the scent alone makes the line worth checking out.

The website for Oriflame offers many different products, but the Ecollagen line specifically can be found here. Both beauty products run for £14.95. Purchase the foaming gel wash here and the skin perfecting toner here.