PLENISH - Cleanse Juice


Do you ever find yourself searching for an easier alternative to fresh juice drinks? Our busy lifestyles here at The Amazing Blog  make it difficult to take the time to make our own, but we've found a solution!

PLENISH is a new organic raw cold pressed juice company designed to detoxify and energize the body with nutritious and delicious cold pressed juices. The juices are made using a “two step” method production process. The first step of the process is when the certified organic produce is cold pressed, and the second step uses a state of the art advanced process called HPP, high pressure processing  to keep the juice nutrient packed. The juice includes all of the natural enzymes, phytonutrients and vitamins necessary, and retains all of the product’s raw nutritional density. Because of this, it has an extended shelf life of up to 20 days! Also, PLENISH is free from wheat, gluten and all processed sugars and stabilizers. There are seven organic and unique flavors of juices and nut milks, depending on what function you want it to serve. The juices aim to bridge the gap between the fresh juice bar and functional drinks. Aside from drinking the juices as a stand alone beverage, PLENISH also offers 3 different levels of cleanses.

Purchase your PLENISH juices today from the low price of £5.99 here, and the cleanses starting from £80 per day here  with free delivery on all UK orders!