Cheer up!

Maybe the sound of a natural soft drink with lavender, chamomile and lemon balm doesn’t appeal to many of you…but don't worry I was thinking exactly the same just before opening my first bottle of Lull. The girls offered it to me as a remedy to help me chillax and de-stress - obviously after seeing me clicking compulsively at my keypad three coffees down. At first, when offered a drink ‘packed with botanical extracts to soothe mind and body’, all I could think about was my grandmothers’ natural remedies, expecting a tea bag filled with questionable looking leaves dunked in lukewarm water. However, when the little white bottle was produced I was pleasantly surprised. The bottle has a clever little lid, a cross between a ring pull and beer bottle cap. This action cheered me up tremendously in the first instance; provoking thoughts of a cool beer in a warm beer garden...after that maybe you would have thought the flavour of ‘botanical extracts’, not even a hint of beer, would have disappointed me, but no! The flavour is unexpectedly delicious and smooth, lightly bubbling, with the over-riding flavours of lavender, kiwi and blackberry. I think I’m going to establish a Lull o'clock in the office, perfect for re-capping on my day and bringing a little order to my desktop …

I have also been hatching a plan to make a Chillax Cocktail by adding a little hit of voddy to my glass first...sure, this could cancel out all of the beneficial effects, but it would certainly give a delicious little lift!

Lull is currently only available from the website. Order a big pack for your office and introduce Lull o’clock….