Good for rain or shine

Something essential for this recent bout of rainy weather is a good umbrella. At the Amazing PR office we like to stand out from the crowd, which is why we prefer Fulton umbrellas to protect us from damp days. Fulton is a British brand which offers a wide range of folding and walking decorative umbrellas. The umbrellas are offered in both women’s and men’s designs with the women’s range being more bright and colourful than the more demure men’s selection. There is a wide variety of patterns and prints for those people who want something a bit different  including snakeskin, lace and their particularly beautiful flower ones (I will admit that these are my favourites). Fulton also has a designer range with collaborations from the likes of Morris & Co and Lulu Guinness that feature more abstract designs.

An added bonus of Fulton is that all of their umbrellas have wind resistant frames that minimize the risk of your umbrella falling victim to a particularly stormy day. The umbrellas are available on their website or from a variety of retailers such as Selfridges and Debenhams. A folding umbrella typically costs £18 while a walking umbrella retails for about £25.