Medieval Nails

We are loving a-england, an indie nail brand from Adina Bondana who has some serious fashion credentials, including working with Gianni Versace. All of the polish colours are named after characters, places and objects from the myths of King Arthur and Camelot (The range itself is called The Mythicals). Guinevere is a pale mauve tone, Lancelot is a black red garnet, and the King himself is a steel gray. The brand primarily features a range of tones shifting from gray to violet, with flashes of brighter gem-inspired colours such as red, blue green and gold.

The polishes are all available from their website which offers advice on what colours you may wish to try depending on what kind of mood/impression you are trying to achieve. So if you are feeling ‘mysterious and sensuous like a gothic princess’ (errr, like every day obvs) you will be needing Camelot or Elaine. The site also includes a glossary of mythical terms so you can swot up on the story behind the name of your particular shade – we are debating whether this could almost excuse painting your nails in a history lesson...

The polishes will set you back £9. We recommend placing an order as soon as possible as there is free p+p worldwide this month in honour of the June ‘Gem of the Month’ The Holy Grail – a very on-trend yellow/gold.