Alfresco Natural Insect Repellent

Think it is about time for a little fun in the sun? Me too, though along with the sunbathing, relaxing and cocktail drinking that are the essential components of a great summer break I always find my enjoyment of an evening spent sitting outside scuppered by my arch nemesis, the mosquito. They always seem to search me out and it is only later that I find the evidence on ankles and legs, and then the itching starts...Though I can douse myself in repellent the traditional formulas are loaded with DEET and the overpowering chemical smell overrides everything else.

So I was delighted to find out about the products from Alfresco which contain a natural insect repellent. Formulator Sarah Lou Morris started experimenting with essential oils and lotions while she was working at the Chelsea Physic Garden. After many tests and trials she came up with the Alfresco fragrance, which was given the stamp of approval by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who especially recommend it for babies and children.

My favourite product is the Alfresco Anti-Bug Bite Moisturiser, containing botanical extracts of cinnamon leaf oil, patchouli and cedarwood oil, it deters insects whilst also acting as a nourishing skin conditioner. And it seems I am in good company as this is also the repellent of choice for Madonna, Nicole Kidman and Johnny Depp (for when they take the fam on the annual break to Benidorm I imagine).

Alfresco support Malaria No More and are committed to buying and distributing mosquito nets.

Alfresco products are available from John Bell & Croydon and online here