foreo blogIf there is a beauty field that the team at The Amazing Blog is obsessed with is skincare. Ignore other beauty bits -just for now- because most of us here, hide (and treasure) a whole ‘skincare wardrobe’ inside our bathroom cabinets. Needless to say, the day 2 FOREO Lunas arrived through our door, we were simply over the moon. After hearing so much about FOREO’s offering, and having read The Beauty Shortlist’s feature, we couldn’t wait to give these cute devices a go. And they certainly performed as well as expected.

FOREO offers a completely new approach to skincare with their Luna devices’ design. The Luna’s cleansing action resides in the T-Sonic pulsations that are channelled across the skin’s surface through a unique brush surface of super soft silicone short bristles. The combination of the bristles and the vibration delivers a thorough yet incredibly gentle cleanse. From what we've experienced, cream cleansers work best with the Luna, the texture is less sticky than a balm's and have more slip to it.

The Luna also features an anti-aging surface on the reverse side. This side is meant to be used after the cleansing to give the skin a nice massage, that according to the brand will make the signs of aging less visible. The one thing that makes the FOREO Luna stand-out from the rest of the cleansing devices in the market, is that it is 100% waterproof; making it perfect to use in the shower.

Have we seen an improvement on our skins? Yes. Do our serums and oils absorb quicker? Yes. Does our skin look brighter? Yes. FOREO Luna ticks all the boxes for us: it’s effective and the most gentle cleansing device out there in our eyes.

FOREO offers the Luna for women and men, both ranges include the following types: Luna Mini, Luna (for ultra-sensitive, sensitive/normal or combination skin) and Luna Luxe (Luna Gold and Luna Platinum for Men).

The Luna Mini is £99, the Luna in £145 and The Luna Luxe start from £5,000. You can get hold of these Swedish wonders on FOREO’s website and Selfridges. Steep prices, but if you're looking for an extra step to achieve perfectly cleansed skin, FOREO has you covered!

Joe & Seph's Gourmet Popcorn

While I love popcorn as much as the next person, I am loathe to spend the best part of £10 on a carton of the stuff at the cinema, especially when the contents are, more often than not, either too sweet or too salty, and generally have the consistency of soggy cardboard. Much of the supermarket stuff suffer from similar problems; and the flavour options are very limited, unlike their crisp counterparts. However, having spotted this gaping niche in the market of confectionery, Joe & Seph’s have come to the rescue. Producers of gourmet popcorn, the story began following numerous trips to the US in which they would return with the crème de la crème of popcorn, and in turn they went about making their very own British variety. The standard way of making popcorn is to pop it in an oil and sugar mix; with Joe & Seph’s popcorn the corn is air-popped and coated in a caramel made from fresh butter, hence the rather superior taste.

With an array of mouth-watering flavours on offer – from Brandy Butter, to Caramel & White Chocolate through to Toffee Apple & Cinnamon and beyond, Joe & Seph’s have also recently brought out a savoury range, perfect for those missing a sweet tooth. These include Goats Cheese & Black Pepper, Mature Irish Cheddar and Blue Cheese, Walnut & Celery, making Joe and Seph’s the poshest popcorn in town.

Available from Whole Foods, Selfridge, Harrods and at a number of independent retailers, stockists can be found online here. And with the gang at The Amazing Blog having tried and tested Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn, it’s safe to say it tastes every bit as good as it sounds!

Marley Coffee

If you ask me, no day is complete without 3 or 4 cups of coffee - drinking it for many years has made me value the taste of well-prepared and good quality coffee... and it's also made me develop some kind of immunity to its effects, as luckily, it doesn't disturb my sleep patterns. So you can imagine my excitement when a bag of Marley Coffee arrived at The Amazing Blog.

Gourmet brand Marley Coffee was founded by Bob Marley's son, Rohan - inspired by his father's desire to return to farming someday, and remembering his grandmother drying wild coffee berries in the sun and roasting them for her own every morning. Marley Coffee has launched in the UK with 3 premium organic blends, keeping up with his goal of producing ethical coffees, supporting communities and the environment through sustainable and ethical practices.

This new premium range consists of the One Love Organic Coffee Blend (floral notes and hints of blueberry, coca and spice), the Buffalo Soldier Organic Coffee Blend (Roasted sweet, earthy blend and smooth) and the Lively Up! Organic Coffee Blend (hints of cocoa, candied fruit and sweet caramel). A proportion of all profits from Marley Coffee UK will be given to support Kicks for Cause; a foundation that aims to build playable soccer fields for children of the coffee-producing communities around the world. Marley Coffee is also a supporter of the One Love Foundation. And as well as being ethically sound, the coffee is utterly delicious and perfect for when you need a caffeine hit - be it morning noon or night!

Marley Coffee New Premium Blends are currently available in their website priced £6.99 (including UK delivery), Amazon as well as via UK delis and independents including Selfridges with prices starting from £5.99.

G'NOSH Gourment Dips

While most of us at The Amazing Blog have our own favourite topics we love to blog about - from pets to pampering - when it comes to food, our passion is unanimous. Whether we're drooling over the latest cook book on offer or sampling the cuisine at a Scandanavian Supper Club, food is, quite literally, always on our mind.

Unfortunately I don't happen to possess the most natural flair in the kitchen. And thanks to my foody housemate I frequently suffer from severe food envy when he knocks up one of his specialities - from barbecued seabass to home made hummus - my dishes pale in comparison. And I certainly have neither the time nor the energy to create all the home made sauces that he concocts after work which temptingly lace the fridge doors.

Having recently been alerted to G'NOSH Gourmet Dips, however, I no longer have to sit petulantly with a soggy jacket potato wishing I had the know-how to put together a decent meal. Forget the pre-packed greasy pots of supermarket guacamole, G'NOSH Gourment Dips are made using the finest of ingredients meaning that they taste as fresh as if you made them at home. And while they can be used in the classic way - with tortilla chips and vegetable crudites - they're also brilliant as a fuss-free addition to any meal and can be stirred into soups or pasta, used to marinade meat or even spread onto a pizza base - the possibilities are endless.

With five mouth-watering flavours: Sun Dried Tomato & Basil, Spicy Red Pepper Muhumarra, Sweet Black Bean, Smoky Roasted Aubergine Babaghanoush and Beetroot & Mint there's a dip to tantalise every taste-bud! Our favourites were the Babaghanoush and Sweet Black Bean - both full of flavour with an added kick - which we spent one very enjoyable afternoon dipping a mammoth pack of Kettle Chips into!

To get your hands on these delicious dips, head to Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Wholefoods or Waitrose, or for a full list of stockists check out their website.

The Big Rooftop Tea & Golf Party at Selfridges

Well folks, it's a Friday, the sun is out and home time is drawing near so chances are you're pretty damn excited about the impending weekend, particularly given the fact that the temperature is supposed to reach highs of a whopping 29c. And while many Londoners will be revelling in the heatwave, heading for the abundance of parks we have on offer or hopping on a train for some seaside action, we at The Amazing Blog got a suggestion for anyone that wants to try something a bit different.


The Big Rooftop Tea & Golf Party at everyone's favourite department store, Selfridges, has been around since the end of May, but never has there been a better time to indulge in a bit of crazy golf. The most famous roof on Oxford Street has been transformed by Bompass and Parr into the destination of the summer, offering its visitors a round of crazy golf like no other. Part of the Big British Bang Campaign that Selfridges launched to celebrate all things British in the year of the Diamond Jubilee and the home-hosted Olympics, The Big Rooftop Tea & Golf Party certainly celebrate two British favourite past-times - a round of golf and a nice cup of tea!

And the award-winning Daylesford Organic Cafe is also on hand serving the highest tea in London, perfect for when you need a thirst-quenching tipple or two. Also on their menu is an array of delicious, organic food, all of which is sourced from their farm and is served within a playful picnic setting. Or, for the more mature, there's the option of winding down in the evening with a glass of Pimms as the sun sets over London's famous skyline.