Float in Flowers

As winter draws closer and closer, my yearning to be toasty warm grows more and more. Blankets and coats can only do so much when it comes to satisfying the need for some warmth. That is why the best solution I find during winter is to draw up a bath and pop in some Maddi Alexander luxurious serene bath soak. The wonderful scent fills the air as the dried rose petals and lavender flowers come to life in the tub. Let the wonderful aromas and beautiful flowers float away with your worries and relax in a professional spa quality bath. Now thankfully, the luxury natural beauty brand has an entire line of products to enjoy, not just products for bath enthusiasts like myself. The Maddi Alexander line has an array of beauty products including fragrances, oils, body butters, bath products, and candles. They also come in an array of fragrances including eccentric, evocative, frivolous, revive, serene, and amorous.

Maddie Alexander is a one stop brand for all the products you need to create your own luxury spa at home that can be enjoyed anytime at your leisure.

My personal favourite products are the Serene Bath Soak (if you couldn’t tell), £22, and the Evocative Classic Candle, £28. They are the products I look forward to using at the end of the day to distress and relax. You can find Maddi Alexander exclusively at Fortnum & Mason or online.