It's vintage darling!

Want to grab someone’s attention as they walk into your home without breaking the bank on expensive art? Or show off your unique edge you have in styling your home? Well look no further – I’ve come across a brand that combines unique posters and vintage style to create the next best thing in your own interior designing adventures. AntikBar is an original vintage poster dealer website that sells one of a kind art pieces. Posters are a true form of art that use catchy messages and amazing visual artwork. They are eye catching and unique and are sure to attract admiring glances a-plenty.

Rare vintage posters reach outstanding amounts in auctions and continue to be coveted items. Thankfully, some of these wonderful items are still affordable for people like me!

It’s easy to find the perfect poster. Simply select the type of product, the country, the decade or a keyword and find dozens of wonderful posters perfect for your home. The subjects of the posters range from war to ballet to fashion. The subjects include worldwide travel, advertising, propaganda and war, performance arts and sports. You can get posters from the 1970s all the way back to the 1890s. So whatever the intended outcome, there is one out there perfect for your preferences.

They also offer original maps, travel books, reference books, antique books, costume prints, and military prints. And if you can’t afford the original prints, they also have reproduction prints that are just as great but not as pricey!

So whether you’re looking for a warm comforting piece or a dramatic colourful stand out piece of work, be sure to check out these fabulous posters on their website or look on their events page to see if Antikbar will have a stand near you sometime soon.