Heel Rescue and Foot Mask - Kaeso Pedicure

Here at The Amazing Blog, we like to take care of ourselves. Unfortunately, there is a part of our body that is often neglected: our feet! That’s why we were happy to try the Foot Mask and the Heel Rescue Cream by Kaeso Pedicure. After a long day of running from meeting to meeting, our poor feet need a good pampering session.

Formulated with Menthol, known to relieve minor muscle pain, and Peppermint, which helps to cool and soothe, the Foot Mask promises to moisturise and relieve dry skin. To use it, you just have to generously apply and wrap your foot in a towel for 15 minutes. The mask has a rich, soft texture that isn’t at all sticky. It gives the sensation of refreshed and energised skin. We especially love the blend of Menthol and Peppermint—it smells amazing, setting it apart from traditional foot products!

In this Kaeso Pedicure kit you can also find a Heel Rescue Cream, a product you’ll find yourself addicted to with the return of sandals! Blended with Coconut Oil, Peppermint, and Tea Tree (known for its natural healing properties), the cream promises to deeply moisturise, re-hydrate, and relieve cracked skin. The cream is rapidly absorbed through skin and has a silky finish. Our heels seem to be nourished thanks to this fragrant mix of Banana and Peppermint. We also find the packaging to be extremely convenient because it distributes just the right amount of product! Even better, Kaeso’s products are a really great value for money, which is good news for all of our wallets.

Grab a 250ml bottle of the Foot Mask here for £3.75 and a 150ml bottle of the Heel Rescue Cream here for £3.80.

Our Spooky Picks for this Halloween

This time of year is always crazy with the holidays quickly approaching and a bitter cold winter around the corner, but today is the one day of the year where you can dress in crazy costumes and acceptably eat as much candy as you desire. A day filled with spooky ghosts and blood-drinking vampires, Halloween is a fun treat for all to kickoff the start of the holiday season. To get into the Halloween spirit, we at The Amazing blog have found some fun themed goodies that will be sure to add some excitement to this unforgettable day of the year.

The American drinks brand, Royal Crown Cola, has launched a limited edition drink for this spooky holiday. The Dracola is a fizzy blood-red drink that is perfect for any Halloween party. Not only is the drink appropriately themed, but the label of the bottle is glow in the dark to give a twilight effect. You can get a 2 litre bottle of this “fang-tastic fizz” for only £1. You can even mix the drink with other delicious ingredients to create a Dracola ice-cream float or even to make a bowl of punch. The drink can be purchased at over 217 Asda stores throughout the UK.

Whether you’re celebrating Halloween or Mexico’s Day of the Dead, why not pick up one of Alhambra’s festive skull cushions. It is believed that the origins of Halloween trace back to the Celtic festival of Samhain. The Celts believed that the spirits of the dead would return at this time of celebration. Today, although the holiday is much more about wearing scary costumes to “ward off ghosts” than it is reflecting about the dead, these cushions are a fun way to decorate your home. Alhambra’s colourful skull cushions are inspired by this holiday as well as Mexico’s Day of the Dead. They have a range of designs to choose from. The cushion covers are £14.50 plus p&p and the stuffed pillows retail from £18.50. The cushions can be found at their website here.

One of our favourite beauty products from LUSH fresh handmade cosmetics is their Twilight shower gel. Having a mysterious lavender scent, this shower gel shimmers like the night sky while hydrating your skin. Packaged in a black bottle, this shower gel is meant to calm, relax, and sooth while taking you from day to night. Add this product to your bathing routine for only £4.25/100g from LUSH’s website.

A big part of Halloween is all of the fun treats sold in stores. We came across this cute bag of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat. The Little Bag of Horrors includes Zingy Zombie Eye Truffles, a chocolate ghost, and a Tiddly vampire. The Little Bag of Horrors retails for £6.50. You can purchase this spooky bag of chocolates from their website here. Hotel Chocolats also offers other Halloween related candy for purchase on their website. There’s nothing like a sweet treat to celebrate this day with.

Ever wanted to break out a pair of funky red pumps to wear on a night out on the town? Fury has launched a new pair of heels that would be the perfect accessory to any outfit including a fierce costume for that Halloween party you have coming up. Fury’s designs combine aggressive studs with a feminine shape for the ultimate trendy shoe. These shoes are scandalous and have a rock n’ roll feel to them. Fury’s red pump combines multiple runway trends from this season onto one shoe. From leather to studs to python print, these heels are guaranteed to turn heads. Furys new line starts at £275. They can be purchased at their website.

From head to toe be decked out for Halloween. Paperself eyelashes’ Rocky Punk Collection contains the perfect mix of a mysterious black appearance with real figurines that will spook anyone who takes a look at them. You can choose from the Scorpion: Fatal Attraction or the Spider: Mysterious Power. What a perfect way to accessorize your costume with these funky false eyelashes. They both are on sale now for £10.00 on the Paperself website here.

Why not deck yourselves and even your homes out this Halloween with our spooky picks. Happy Halloween!


Hetty Rose Workshop

We've all been there. You find a pair of amazing shoes, hopeful that they'll go with every outfit you have or will ever own, and then they fall apart the first night you wear them. Or they'd be the perfect shoe if the heel wasn't so high, or the bow was in a different place. If you've ever felt like you could be the next Christian Louboutin, or if you just want a unique pair of shoes that are so completely you then the Hetty Rose Workshop is the place for you.

At the Hetty Rose workshop you'll be guided and tutored by Hetty herself to make your own pair of designer heels. You get to make your very own 'Mika' slingback heel, which are made using vintage kimono fabric. They'll be your exact size, and whatever kimono fabric you'd like.

The Hetty Rose workshop is definitely an investment at £195, but how often do you get to design and make your own perfect pair of shoes?! The experience alone is enough to make you want to go, and you won't believe the amount of preparation and work that goes into making one pair of shoes.

Perfect for a tame Hen Do, birthday, or a special treat for the leggy lady in your life, the Hetty Rose Workshop is a fun day out for any girl. The next workshop is on the 7th of July at Hylands House Chelmsford from 10am-4:30pm, so book your place with Hetty asap! 


Clean Heels

My favourite aspect of any outfit is always my shoes. More often than not I pick out which shoes I want to wear first and then plan the rest of my outfit around them. And, like all shoe-lovers, my absolute favourite type of shoe to wear is a heel - the higher the better! Whether I am complementing them with a nice dress or simply dressing up a pair of jeans, I can always find a reason to wear heels. However, one of the biggest issues that I find with my heels is when walking on a soft surface like grass my heels immediately sink into the grass. Thankfully The Amazing Blog has discovered a solution: Clean Heels!

I think almost every woman has experienced that dreaded moment when you realise that your heels are going to get all muddy after sinking into the ground at an outdoor event - whether it's a wedding or a garden party.  You know that there's no way of escaping the inevitable and just accept the fact that your shoes are going to get dirty. However, Clean Heels have solved the problem and are fast becoming a must have accessory for all stiletto wearers. You simply add them to the heel of your shoe and it then gives your heels the ability to be worn outside without the worry of dirtying them. They expand the surface area of your heel which increases its support and after waering them you simply wash them off and can easily reuse them. The Clean Heels can also be used as heel protectors. Adding these to the bottom of your heels detracts absolutely nothing from the look of your shoe so that should never be a concern! They also come in a variety of colours to ensure that you can wear these with any pair of your shoes. In addition to a clear and black option, there are also Clean Heels that have crystals and Swarovski on them.  Clean Heels are a favourite of many celebrities including Jennifer Love Hewitt - and if they're good enough for Hollywood A-Listers they're certainly good enough for us!

So, if you're a shoe lover like me, these Clean Heels are a necessity and will truly make a difference in your shoes. Visit their website to view their stockists to see where to pick up your very own pair of Clean Heels!

Butterfly Twists

Here at Amazing PR we are of the belief that ‘the higher the better’ when it comes to heels. However, after a long night of partying or running between meetings it’s safe to say that our feet do not always agree with us. Not wanting to give up our beloved towering heels we are constantly on the look out for anything that will help ease our pain and allow us to carry on with our busy schedules with style. Thankfully Butterfly Twists have provided the perfect solution to our dilemma with their range of portable ballerina flats and boots which have been designed to twist and fold-away away for the inevitable end of day/night aches and pains. Unlike most ‘portable’ shoes, Butterfly Twists are incredibly comfortable with cushioned heels, proper insoles and unique Thermoplastic Elastomer soles to give your feet the proper support they need. Most importantly you wont have to compromise on style as there are a huge range of styles to choose from…our favourites are the ‘Eve’ snakeskin and ‘Elizabeth’ studded styles.

Butterfly Twists are available in a wide range of sizes and can be purchased online at www.butterflytwists.com.