Show your love with Lily’s Kitchen

Don't you just love dogs? They have the ability to bring you out of the blackest mood with nothing more than an adoring look and a wagging tail, they don't judge your questionable taste in music, or complain about the fact you haven't shaved your legs in over a week. In fact if we could exist without our menfolk we would be perfectly happy with the faithful company of our favourite pooch, who never answers back and genuinely believes you are the best thing since sliced bread. So how do you reward such unwavering adoration? Well if they could talk we think they would suggest feeding them food from Lily's Kitchen. These pioneers of pet nutrition believe that your pet's food should be made up of proper, recognisable ingredients with no derivatives, preservatives or nasty 'fillers' used to bulk it out. Lily's Kitchen pet foods are made with real meat and organic grains, vegetables, fruits and herbs.

We already have one fan in the Amazing PR office, Mojai the Tibetan Spaniel is especially fond of the organic chicken and vegetable bake treats and although Edwina is supposedly the one in charge we all know that it is actually Mojai who rules the roost. His daily schedule revolves around mealtimes, walks, naps and his (very frequently) decreed treat times and we, his harem of dedicated slaves, ensure that his every need is met.

So all you pet owners out there who are under the paw, indulge your pet with some delicious gourmet treats from Lily's Kitchen - trust us they will thank you for it.

See the effect a Lily's Kitchen treat had on Mojai below!!