Flash the Lash

Okay, I am going to be completely honest here, I was a bit sceptical and apprehensive when it came to strip lashes, I always thought they looked too tricky to apply, and being as cack-handed as I am, would take loads of practice and time to apply and, once on, would irritate me. All of these factors have put me off experimenting with strip lashes. I tend to not have a lot of time on my hands when it comes to getting ready to go out so, for me, quick, easy to apply beauty products are a must.  What’s more, once applied, I would constantly worry that they might fall off anyway so all that bother, hassle and practice for nothing. Whenever I go out I have always opted to be boring and stick to the safe option of wearing mascara - plenty of it mind you. So, as gathered, I am a strip-lash virgin! Finally, the lovely Karen Betts and celebrity lash technician, Jane Tindall, introduced me to their Blink + Go strip lashes and I am now a committed fan of the range. Not only are Blink + Go strip lashes very simple, quick and easy to apply, they instantly gave my lashes a gentle natural lift that my droopy eyes desperately need (trust me, every photograph taken of me I look half asleep). In the blink of an eye, my eyes suddenly looked dramatic and awake – yes – no more detagging photos on Facebook. One advantage of the Blink + Go range is the adhesive dries transparent so even if the first attempt at applying the lashes goes askew simply moving it to a new position means that the white adhesive disappears - perfect.

Karen and Jane were super helpful and recommended which lashes suited my eye frames.  The Blink + Go range has a shape and size to suit all eye shapes as well as occasions, from the dramatic over the top look, to the more natural everyday style. Jane suggested I use the Temptress range (me a temptress – well I never!) to give me a luscious lift. I wore them back in the office that day and then into the night when I met with friends for after work drinks.  Friends commented on how my eyes appeared more open and lifted but the lashes still looked very natural - all compliments a girl likes to hear.  The lashes were very comfortable and didn’t irritate my eyes. To be honest, if it hadn’t been for my friends’ comments that evening I would of forgotten that I even had them on.

And here is the best part…the lashes are reusable and I found that they did not lose their shape. Karen applied the lashes on the Friday and I found myself easily reapplying them, which I was very pleased about, on the Saturday evening – brilliant – a convert.

I now have the confidence to apply them without taking up too much of my precious ‘getting ready time’. I didn’t realise how simple and effective applying Blink + Go strip lashes would be.  So I encourage all strip lash virgins out there to give Blink + Go a try and see for yourselves how easy they are - whatever style you're in the mood for – be it Flirt, Tease or the Temptress, I promise your eyes will be transformed.