We’re coming up smelling of roses…and jasmine and green tea with just a hint of ginger

The Amazing PR office is a particularly fragrant place to be at the moment, not that it was anything other than delightfully scented before obviously! Now though, thanks to a great little gadget from the Made By Zen range of Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers, we are able to tailor the scent according to our mood, frame of mind, or for a particular season. After finding ourselves in that mid-afternoon lull, lunch being over and the end of the day still out of sight behind a sea of spreadsheets, we experimented by adding jasmine and ylang ylang and hey presto! A definite lift in spirits. The beauty of the Made By Zen range is not only that they are so simple to set up and use, just fill with water and a few drops of essential or fragrance oil, switch on and you're good to go, but the clever ultrasonic technology means there is no heat source (luckily for us as the stream of mist rising from the top is way to tempting to refrain from waving our hands through several times a day).

So whether you want to experiment with a little at-home aromatherapy, or simply want a change from scented candles then, in our opinion, you can't go wrong with one of these little gadgets.  Soft LED lighting means they mimic the atmosphere created by candles, but with an automatic shut-off triggered when the water level gets too low you have a peace of mind you never get when burning candles.

So come and join us, let's get Zenned out...