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Friday Favourites: Organic Tanning Products

As our regular readers will know at The Amazing Blog, we're big fans of natural and organic products, and today we are talking about sun care. We've included a couple of new brands that have just launched in the UK, as well as a favourite, trusted British brand. These will all help you to enhance your colour and protect your skin naturally. So be sure to take note, and make your friends envious of your effortless glow and sun-kissed complexion. 


There are few things in life that can make us feel better than sporting a healthy and glowing tan. It gives us newfound confidence and a revitalisation. And what could be better than if it can all be done in a safe and controlled manner? We turn first to Rosenserien, an award-winning brand, to help us achieve a safe natural tan. This isn’t the first time we’ve reviewed Rosenserien, and certainly won't be the last. We have rather a soft spot for this established Swedish organic skincare company. Rosenserien only ever uses natural ingredients, of which over 75% are actually organic. The formula in the Self Tan consists of mainly sugar beet extract for long-lasting results and natural colour. NB: It’s recommended to exfoliate and moisturise the skin before using the self-tanner in order to get an even colour. Depending on your preference, apply up to two layers of the lotion for a deeper tan. Within 4-10 hours of application, your skin will be the perfect shade of tan for 3-5 days. We tried this on the face and loved it, very good results with no blotchiness. The product comes in a 100ml tube and can be purchased here for £22.00.


Sun protection should always be an essential part of your daily routine. Although you may not always be lying out on a beach, your skin still comes into daily contact with the damaging UVA/UVB rays even during your daily commute. A fabulous addition to our sun care collection is Eco Cosmetics' Sun Milk with SPF50. The lotion is moisturising, and allows for full coverage – it must be said that a little does go a long way with this product. It is comprised of certified natural ingredients most of which are sourced from organic farming in Germany. This German sun care line is water resistantvegan, cruelty-free and coral reef friendly. Due to the formulated titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, the sunscreen protects instantly. Supplemental benefits of the product include improved hydration levels, elasticity and suppleness. If you still want a tan naturally and soak up the sun without harming your skin, then we recommend this 75ml product found here for £22.95.


Our third choice this summer is The Organic Pharmacy’s Self-Tan product.  Margo Marrone, a leading pharmacist and homoeopath, founded the company in 2002 and has been working ever since to improve skincare through the combination of nature and science. Each product is formulated naturally without toxins and is created to meet the highest standards. Similar to Rosenserien’s product, The Organic Pharmacy’s self-tan derives from sugar beet. The British made lotion is light and soft, and best for sensitive skin. First, exfoliate your body before slathering on the lotion. While applying, make sure to cover every crevice and to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. We preferred using this on our bodies rather than our the faces - it was lighter and more absorbent. Your tan will develop after three hours when you will notice a uniformed tan, free of streaks. Enjoy your natural glow by purchasing the 100ml bottle here for £38.00. As they say, don't forget to: 'Slip, slap, slop', and we've certainly you covered for the Bank Holiday weekend, enjoy the sunshine.


The Organic Pharmacy - Self Tan

Around this time of year it seems that everyone on the streets is sporting a lovely summer glow, but several of us here at The Amazing Blog aren’t so lucky. It seems we are pale or bright red, with nothing in between. We, therefore, couldn’t have been more grateful to receive The Organic Pharmacy’s Self Tan.

For those of you who find a natural tan elusive, look no further than this 100% natural product. This self tan uses a unique DHA, Ecocert derived from sugar beets to give you a natural glow without harming skin. It also contains shea butter, aloe, jojoba, and coconut oil, which allow it to moisturise while you apply. This product is completely free from preservatives, colourants and petrochemicals and is gentle on sensitive skin. As an added bonus, it has a light and pleasant fragrance, so there is no worry about smelling like you are covered in product.

When we tried this product, we were glad to find that it felt very lightweight and didn’t leave a greasy film on top of our skin. It went on evenly and without streaks, and in just a few hours we had a soft, uniform glow. We especially loved that it lasted several days, and we only needed to apply a few times a week in order to spend every day looking radiant.

If you too are in search of a summer warmth to your look, The Organic Pharmacy’s Self Tan can be bought here for £36.95.

Friday Favourites - Perfume Feature

Here at The Amazing Blog, we know how important a signature fragrance can be to your personal beauty routine. After you've fixed up your hair and applied your makeup, applying a bit of fragrance can be the perfect final touch to your ensemble. We all have a favourite fragrance that won't let us down, but sometimes we want to switch it up, and we're sure you do too. To give you a few suggestions for your next fragrance purchase, we've compiled our four newest discoveries that will please and entice your senses.

The new Heritage Collection perfumes from Crabtree & Evelyn are abolutely fabulous. In particular, our favourite scent was Parisian Millefleurs, which is inspired by floral scents of 18th century France. These include narcissus, rose, tuberose and violet. It comes in a simple glass bottle inside of an elegant baby blue box, which is delicately painted with fresh flowers. This fragrance is a must-have since spring is on the way. We found that it was a bit too strong to wear to the office, but loved wearing it out on dates and out with friends. It costs £31.50 and can be bought on the Crabtree and Evelyn website here.

The perfumes from Rouge Bunny Rouge smell simply amazing, plus they are vegan, phthalate-free and paraben-free. We got a chance to test out two of their lovely fragrances from the Fragrant Confections Collection. Lilt by Rouge Bunny Rouge incorporates the scents of nature, including fig leaves, peach, coconut and violet. It is the perfect balance between fruity and musky. The scent is perfect for any occasion and everyday wear. Incantation by Rouge Bunny Rouge has more of a woody scent with a hint of fruit. The smells of black fruits, fig leaves, mint and rose are infused to create a fragrance that is exquisite. You can purchase Lilt and Incantation on the Rouge Bunny Rouge website for £72 per bottle.


The Organic Glam fragrance collection from The Organic Pharmacy has created yet another enticing fragrance we couldn’t wait to get our hands on. The new scent, called Rose Oud, stands out with top notes of lemon, bergamot and lavender. Of course, notes of rose and oud are included in the mix, as well as jasmine and sandalwood. All of the scents combine beautifully to create a warm and sensual floral amber. The simple design of the bottle is classic, sophisticated and timeless, so it will look elegant atop your vanity. Add this scent to your collection and start your own fragrance love story. Pick up your own bottle here for £139, and feel the romance with every inhale of this glorious blend.

Let the As Sawira fragrance from Penhaligion take you on holiday with one simple spritz of fragrance. An exotic and sensual blend of carefully selected ingredients make this aroma a worthy scent for your vanity. The Moroccan-inspired top notes blend of bergamot, davana, saffron and absinthe had us longing for the beach. The bitter herbal notes combined with the radiant and gentle notes make for a perfectly balanced fragrance combination. With heart notes of rose and jasmine and base notes of sandalwood, myrrh and cedarwood, among others, it brings variety and offers a unique fragrance experience. Every detail of the perfume, from the scent to the vintage-style bottle, is well-thought and beautifully designed. You can get your own bottle here for £150.

Friday Favourites - Festival Ready Nails

Festival season is finally upon us. Everyone has their tents packed and their wet wipes at the ready, but are your nails prepared for a weekend of revelry? Here at The Amazing Blog, we have plenty of bright and beautiful polishes to keep your fingers and toes looking wonderful, so that your nails are looking preened and perfected at the end of the weekend, even if the rest of you looks a little worse for wear.

First on our festival wish list are the Organic Glam offerings from The Organic Pharmacy. With a collection of 29 unique and bright summer shades, we were spoilt for choice. This polish applies smoothly, keeps its vibrancy, and does not chip easily, perfect for a weekend of partying. Free from DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde, we loved the summery polishes, which were ideal for perfecting our ombre skills. Simply paint the varnishes onto a make-up sponge, and print onto your nails. Follow with your favourite top coat (read on to discover ours) and you're left with a beautiful gradient manicure. Our favourite pairings were Lemon and Tangerine, as well as Candy Floss and Pale Blue. Each polish is packaged into an 11 ml bottle and can be purchased here for £11.50.

We’re also a little smitten with FNUG nail polish. A Scandinavian company that offers 84 fun shades of nail lacquers, from holographic to glittery, there’s something for every occasion. Given that it’s festival season, we opted for some beautiful metallic hues. Our favourite was Beauty Editor, a lovely nude mink which would give the perfect understated addition to any festival outfit. We also loved Gold Stiletto; a wonderful metallic gold shade, and the epitome of hot summer evenings. The polishes are filled with  nourishing protein, strengthening silica and delicate caviar, as well as vitamins A, B, D and E, making them ideal for leaving your nails in great condition after a weekend of wear. Get your FNUG nail polish here from their UK distributor for £12, or order through Sarah Silvester at


For something a little more futuristic, we reach for our Make Up Store hologram varnishes. Available in four unique duo-chrome colours, in our opinion, there’s nothing is more cutting edge than a holographic manicure. Our favourite is Siw, a beautiful blue flecked with silvers, greens and golds. Reminiscent of space age themes and 70s disco balls, we’re in love with the effect it gives, and it certainly acts as a talking point among our beauty obsessed buds. It's the perfect way to add a touch of sparkle, and offset the boho chic look that so often dominates the festival scene. Make Up Store polishes are available to buy here for £11 each.

Of course, no manicure is ever complete without the perfect top coat. Our lacquer of choice is the Brilliance Top Coat from Jessica. 3 free and fast drying, it’s fantastic for giving ‘high gloss in a flash’, setting to a perfect finish. The polish contains UV inhibitors and reflective polymers, which act to prevent chipping, reduce smudging and combat yellowing. As well as this, the speedy drying time makes it a wonderful option for popping into your backpack to set any quick manicures, should the mood take you. The Jessica Brilliance Top Coat is available to buy for £11.95 here.

With all of these beautiful polishes, you have everything you need for the perfect festival manicure.

Carrot Butter Cleanser

It’s a well known fact that cleansing is the most important part of maintaining and achieving beautiful skin. Although I often find it difficult to resist the urge to quickly swipe a face wipe over my skin and call it a night after a long day, I know full well that  not only will I regret my laziness but without removing the days grime and makeup any moisturisers or special treatments that I then slather on are rendered completely useless if they cannot penetrate the skin. In a bid to reduce the chances of said laziness I am constantly looking for products that make the laborious process of cleansing as pain free as possible.

My latest discovery is the Carrot Butter Cleanser from The Organic Pharmacy who this year won the Best Eco/Organic Range in the InStyle Best Beauty Buys for the forth year running. It’s not surprising that this is their best selling cleanser and loved by celebrities including Kylie Minogue thanks to its 100% pure Organic extracts and antioxidants including rosemary, carrot, shea butter and chamomile. I was impressed that just a small amount of the balm cleanser instantly melted on contact with dry skin and dissolved all traces of dirt, grime and makeup (including my stubborn eye makeup) with minimal effort. When used with their muslin cloth soaked in warm water to fully remove the cleanser and boost circulation (as recommended) it left my skin feeling clean, soft, refreshed and glowing without drying or tightening like many foam cleansers. Like all of the fantastic products from The Organic Pharmacy there are no artificial preservatives, colourants, fragrances or petrochemicals just pure organic, natural, skin friendly ingredients.

Available to purchase from the The Organic Pharmacy website here.