Models Own Bottleshop!

  While I try to avoid stereotypes there are times when I cannot help but fall into the generalization of a typical girly-girl. I am one of those girls who can spend hours upon hours shopping. In my opinion, heels will always make an outfit look better and I absolutely adore being pampered at a spa. I believe that you can turn putting make-up on into a work of art. And nail polish is an essential!   It is this girly-girl side of me that perked up with excitement when my colleagues at The Amazing Blog informed me about the launching of the new Models Own Bottleshop which combines my love of shopping with nail polish!



Nail polish is truly one of my favourite accessories and I feel naked and bare when my hands and toes are not painted. I often enjoy painting my nails myself and am constantly changing the colour. Sometimes I coordinate my nails with the weather, my mood, or in extreme cases even my outfit! As a result I have accumulated quite a large amount of nail polishes of varying colours. But I always find myself itching for a new nail polish. Whenever I get bored of my current polish, I tend to check out those offered by Models Own because they always have a great and unique collection of colours.

In addition to their wonderful selection, I love the quality of the nail polish that Models Own offers.  It is no surprise to me that Models Own attracts celebrity clients such as Jessie J, Nicola Roberts, and Alexa Chung and is one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands. Their polishes are very affordable and easy to apply. They also last longer than any other polish I’ve tried. Whenever I use their nail polishes I often receive compliments and people question if I've had a professional manicure.

I could not be more excited about the opening of the Models Own Bottleshop on April 2nd at Westfield London, Shepherds Bush.  The shop will be conveniently located in front of Top Shop, Apple, and Zara. It will contain a selection of over 200 different nail polishes. This will be the first time that the entire Models Own Collection will be available in one location. This is basically a nail polish lover’s dream come true!

If that is not enough to catch your attention (even though I don’t know how that’s possible) I am sure that the eccentric shape of the shop will. Models Own has decided that their shop in Westfield London, Shepherds Bush will take the form of their product. That’s right...the shop will be shaped like a bottle of nail polish! With this shop, Models Own’s creativity proves to stand alone amongst their competitors. Models Own is a one of a kind company which offers a whole new innovative shopping experience with this shop; one that I personally can NOT wait to enjoy. Make sure to head to Westfield London, Shepherds Bush on April 2nd and purchase your own bottles of Models Own nail polish while standing in one large nail polish bottle!