C&J Candles

Here at The Amazing Blog we seem to have caught a slight bit of spring fever, which is only becoming exaggerated with the increasing temperatures outside. I often take a little longer during my morning walks just to stay outside and soak up the sunshine, or simply stop to smell the blooming flowers. I love everything about spring, from the bright colours of nature that surround me to the smells of grass and the flowers. Since I love the smell of spring so much, I always find myself searching for a scent that can accurately bring the essence of spring into my home. Luckily I recently discovered the C&J Bergamot, May Chang, and Grapefruit Candle and now when I light this candle I can finally feel that spring is present not only outside but also inside my home.

The Bergamot, May Chang, and Grapefruit scents may sound like an unorthodox combination, but trust me when I say that they  complement each other wonderfully! I was instantly captivated by the scents of this candle and pleased at how much it reminded me of the outdoors and spring time. The May Chang lets off a lemon scent which when joined with the smell of grapefruit and pepper of the Bergamot creates a refreshing springtime aroma that fills my home whenever I use it. In addition to it being a great smelling candle, it is also environmentally friendly. The wax used is made from soy beans which is an alternative to the cheaper non-renewable paraffin wax often seen in competitor’s candles. As a result of their natural materials, these candles are good for you because they do not produce any potentially dangerous soot particles. Not only is the wax made from natural ingredients, but so are the wicks and scents! The wicks are made completely from natural cotton and contain no metal. The scents included in all of C&J’s candles are formed out of precious essential oils and you are guaranteed to capture the purest scents. I have become captivated by the C&J Bergamot, May Chang, and Grapefruit candle and cannot wait to try their other scents and I promise you will feel exactly the same way. Be sure to try these candles out for yourself and purchase your own from candjhome.co.uk.