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LOLA - Ultra Shine Nail Varnish


Nail polish is the quickest (and chicest) way to change up your look from day to night, and from season to season. As we at The Amazing Blog make our way through these colourful autumnal days, we have handpicked a select few nail polish shades from LOLA Make Up by Perse to share with you. This isn’t the first time we have come across this Luxembourg cosmetics brand, we previously tried a range of their face and lip products (see here). We were therefore excited to try their nail polishes, which like their other products, are both professional and cruelty free. With numerous shades and an incredible formula, their nail polishes are affordable, and we found that they delivered a great manicured look.

The go-to classic shades we chose were: Plum Pudding and Nude. Both are from the #10 Free Formula range (a range free from chemicals like Formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toulene, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, xylene and TPHP). The Plum Pudding is a stunning medium berry shade that is perfect for a classic pop of colour, especially complementing our autumnal wardrobe. Nude is a light and delicate ballet-slipper pink shade. It leaves a subtle colour on the nails that is incredibly chic and with a couple of coats make a opaque base for the ever-so classic French tip.

We also received the Infinite Nail Gloss; a multipurpose base and top coat that helps to nourish and add a high gloss, ensuring that your LOLA colour will last. We used it on its own for a simple clear glossy look. However, it is specifically formulated to be applied with the LOLA nail polishes to help give a perfect home manicure.

These nail polishes apply with ease and the colours apply as a block and not streaky. We particularly liked that you only need apply one coat of polish (the Nude is an exception) as it gives a higher luminosity and intensity. Due to their special formula, with Gloss Seal’R, a patented technology - LOLA nail polish is an economical choice. The formula gives instant gloss from the moment of application, concealing it and preserving it up to 11 days as a glossy manicure. It also has a permeable film - a formula with a porous film that allows water and air permeability for your nails, engineered for a fluid and high gloss look that lasts. We mustn’t forget to mention that their entire nail polish range is 100% vegan. The LOLA Make Up by Perse #10 Free Formula Polishes in Plum Pudding is available here and the Nude is available here, both for £6.95, while the Infinite Nail Gloss is available here for £7.95.

Summer Manicure - Friday Favourites

Woo hoo summer's on its way! However, our hands and feet are truly screaming out for a good mani-pedi. It feels like a long recovery time from the chapped and dry skin on our hands and feet, that the past winter month have so cruelly inflicted upon them.  So we've been searching for some quick fixes and hottest new products, to give them that little boost to help them on their way. As some of us (no names mentioned) at The Amazing Blog  have a slight nail polish addiction, we pooled our knowledge and came up with a list of the latest 'at home' mani-pedi products to give you that professional manicurist finish.

First on our list is FLASH Manicure, we tried both their Original and Lotus scented FLASH Instant Manicure. They left our hands feeling pampered within minutes. FLASH Instant Manicure is effectively a complete treatment in one; it moisturises and exfoliates the hands while also aiding dry and damaged cuticles and nails. It works to brighten and soften hands by using a combination of sea salt and essential oils such as lavender oil, citrus oil and avocado oil. They recommend using the product once a week. This product is so easy to use, you just have to shake the bottle to make sure that the salts are properly dispersed into the oils, then pour an amount about the size of a one pound coin into clean palms and carefully scrub the product into the hands. This product is very effective on damaged cuticles so make sure not to skip the nails. Once you’ve rubbed the product into your hands sufficiently, rinse them with tepid water and dry with a clean towel. The plain FLASH Instant Manicure leaves a lovely aroma of lavender that will leave you coming back for more, while the lotus scented product has an even more tantalisingly floral aroma. NB Great for hands and feet.

Both versions are available here from £10.35 and come in a variety of options for you to choose from. These products left our skin looking clean, smelling fabulous and feeling smooth – what more could you want?

blog image.jpg

The next products we found are a selection of unique and summery nail polishes from Margaret Dabbs. After her award-winning collection of hand and foot care ranges, Margaret has recently unveiled a stunning and much-anticipated range of treatment-enriched and cutting edge nail polishes.

We tried three colours: Snap Dragon, Poppy and Saffron, opting for richer pinks and reds - which we hope will complement and enrich our newly acquired sun kissed tans. There is a vast array of colours within the collection ranging from the most delicate on-trend nudes and pastels to the most vivid blues. Each of the 72 shades takes its inspiration from the wonder of nature as each polish follows a floral theme.  We applied two coats with a base and top coat and our finger nails remained chip free for up to four days.

These polishes are also made with the highest quality lacquer combining beneficial ingredients that help to make them last longer than your regular nail polish. All free from Formaldehyde, Toluene or DPB which will ensure that the nails remain healthy even after removing the varnish. These unique formulas have been designed to promote nail health and vitality. The Vitamin E in the product helps to strengthen and protect the nail, while the Rose Botanical Extract revitalises, prevents infection and leaves an aroma of wild roses.

You can explore the range and purchase these amazing nail polishes here!

Finally, if you want to spice things up a bit, then you might be interested in Semilac and their product Semi-Flash which allows you to join in with one of the hottest nail trends without the salon price! However, it must be noted that you will need a LED lamp in order to cure and use this powder. It is also recommended to purchase their Top No Wipe with Semi-Flash to ensure a quality and professional manicure and will also need an applicator.  NB please see here for instructions.

Semi-Flash is a special powder used for creating the latest designer nail effect of mirrored chrome. This product will give you glamorous and unique nails that all your friends will be talking about for weeks to come. This uber cool effect when cured will last up to an astonishing 3 weeks as the powder doesn’t smudge or chip. Its superior performance and the fact that the product is so easy to apply that make this a summer must have!

You can purchase your own Semi-Flash powder here for £9.99.

Remember anyone can wear a great outfit but it's your nails that will make the statement!

Soigne Nails - Barbe A Papa Range

Bright colours are perfect for this time of year. Whether you’re on the beach, or strutting around the city, we’re firm believers in making a statement with our bold beauty choices. The girls at The Amazing Blog are big fans of Soigne polishes, and their Barbe a Papa range of summer colours are perfectly in keeping with our bold and beautiful ethos.

With a large range of luxurious colours in their core collection, the French brand has introduced three new shades for summer 2015. Of the trio, we were excited to try the Framboise Bleue shade. A tropical greeny blue, the hue would look wonderful on an island getaway – what better to coordinate with than the crystal ocean waters? As we’re not currently on a tropical island escape, we’ve had to settle for jazzing up our typing hands in the office. Still, the shade adds a wonderful pop of colour, and looks fabulous with the light, cream clothes that we often sport at work.

Paired with their Oxygen Base Coat and Gel Effect Top Coat, we were left with fabulously glossy nails that looked professional even after our shoddy paint job. Housed in the ultimate opulent packaging, the indulgent polishes are free from carcinogens, as well as containing 85% plant-sourced raw ingredients.  Chic and environmentally friendly, we can’t think of anything more we’d want from a manicure.

Add some Parisian sophistication to your manicure with the Soigne summer collection. Pick up the beautiful Framboise Bleue shade here for £11, as well as the Oxygen Base and Gel Effect Top Coat here for £13 each. 

Friday Favourites - Nail Polishes

Here at The Amazing Blog, we take great pleasure in testing out new nail colours. The change of seasons means we can say goodbye to our dark fall and winter hues, and hello to pretty brights and pastels for the spring and summer.

First up, we’re loving the Spring/Summer 2015 nail colour collection from CHEEKY Cosmetics. Inspired by three luxurious holiday destinations – Ibiza, Miami and St. Tropez – the collection has some fantastic shades designed with the culture of these destinations in mind. So if your wallet won’t allow you to schedule an exotic holiday this summer, you’ll still be able to bring a taste of the ocean and nightlife right to your fingertips.

The Ibiza polishes are inspired by the island’s dance scene and come in four metallic colours ranging from gold to blue. The Miami colours are bold and vibrant to show off the fun and energetic culture of the city, so a few statement blues and a fuchsia pink are included in the mix. Finally, the St. Tropez collection is classic and posh for ladies who want a touch of French sophistication, with three nudes and two red-toned hues. One of our favourites is Make It Rain from the Ibiza Collection. A beautiful lilac metallic, it's the perfect summer shade - subtle enough for daytime wear, but exotic enough to catch a few eyes on a summer night out.

Shop here to get the new colours for £7 each.

Although we love a good nail colour, removing it can sometimes be a hassle and can do damage to your nails than good. Little Ondine is a nail polish brand that is revolutionising nail colour. Their varnishes are chemical free, odour free and are made only of natural ingredients. Composed of 80% water, 15% resine and 5% pigment, the polishes allow you to peel off your colour in one go without any hassle or chemical removers. The brand is perfect for those of us who like to change our nails as often as our outfits.

Since the formula is water-based, it dries quickly, making it perfect for on-the-go! With over 80 colours to choose from, there is certainly a polish to suit everyone’s taste. You can find them here, with prices ranging from £7-£9 each or £12 for a fun twin pack.

Speaking of innovative formulas, Micro Cell has come up with a great formula for nail colour. The Micro Cell 2000 Colour Repair collection is a range of quick-drying varnishes that offer brilliant colour pay-off while working to strengthen your nails. The collection fortifies nails, protects them against drying out and encourages natural growth. Besides these benefits, the shades have excellent coverage and prevent premature flaking. It's comforting to know that your nails are feeling good whilst your manicure is lasting.

You can purchase your own Micro Cell 2000 Colour Repair nail varnishes here for £14.95 each and see their strengthening results in 2 – 3 weeks.

For a more sophisticated nail colour, reach for the elegant T. LeClerc nail enamel bottles. The colours are hypoallergenic and are free from a huge variety of chemicals.

We tried three different polishes – a bright pink, a bold red and a luxurious purple – and we love how long the colours last, despite the daily toll our we take on our nails. They dry quickly and have a lovely flat brush for a smooth application. To top it off, the finish is classic, ultra-shiny and opaque. Safe to say, our nails looked as chic and sophisticated as the packaging.

Check out the full range of T. LeClerc nail polishes here, which cost £12 each.

Another wonderful range of polishes with a shade for any occasion is Nella Milano. The brand's packaging and feel reflect perfectly the Italian roots of muse, Nella, and are perfect for anyone looking for an elegant, sophisticated manicure (and who isn't?).

Of the shades we tried, our favourite was Mulberry Wood. A deep berry colour which wouldn't be out of place in an Autumn/Winter collection, this colour oozes glamour, looking both rich on darker skin tones, and striking on paler tones. Of course, if darker hues aren't to your taste, the brand has over 80 other vivid shades to choose from, all of which apply beautifully and have great staying power. All 3-free formulas, the colours are great for showcasing your inner fashionista. We'll certainly be taking a page out of Nella's book this summer and using our nails as the ultimate fashion accessory.

To spice up your wardrobe, you can shop the stunning collection on the brand's website for £8.95 each.

Friday Favourites - Festival Ready Nails

Festival season is finally upon us. Everyone has their tents packed and their wet wipes at the ready, but are your nails prepared for a weekend of revelry? Here at The Amazing Blog, we have plenty of bright and beautiful polishes to keep your fingers and toes looking wonderful, so that your nails are looking preened and perfected at the end of the weekend, even if the rest of you looks a little worse for wear.

First on our festival wish list are the Organic Glam offerings from The Organic Pharmacy. With a collection of 29 unique and bright summer shades, we were spoilt for choice. This polish applies smoothly, keeps its vibrancy, and does not chip easily, perfect for a weekend of partying. Free from DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde, we loved the summery polishes, which were ideal for perfecting our ombre skills. Simply paint the varnishes onto a make-up sponge, and print onto your nails. Follow with your favourite top coat (read on to discover ours) and you're left with a beautiful gradient manicure. Our favourite pairings were Lemon and Tangerine, as well as Candy Floss and Pale Blue. Each polish is packaged into an 11 ml bottle and can be purchased here for £11.50.

We’re also a little smitten with FNUG nail polish. A Scandinavian company that offers 84 fun shades of nail lacquers, from holographic to glittery, there’s something for every occasion. Given that it’s festival season, we opted for some beautiful metallic hues. Our favourite was Beauty Editor, a lovely nude mink which would give the perfect understated addition to any festival outfit. We also loved Gold Stiletto; a wonderful metallic gold shade, and the epitome of hot summer evenings. The polishes are filled with  nourishing protein, strengthening silica and delicate caviar, as well as vitamins A, B, D and E, making them ideal for leaving your nails in great condition after a weekend of wear. Get your FNUG nail polish here from their UK distributor for £12, or order through Sarah Silvester at


For something a little more futuristic, we reach for our Make Up Store hologram varnishes. Available in four unique duo-chrome colours, in our opinion, there’s nothing is more cutting edge than a holographic manicure. Our favourite is Siw, a beautiful blue flecked with silvers, greens and golds. Reminiscent of space age themes and 70s disco balls, we’re in love with the effect it gives, and it certainly acts as a talking point among our beauty obsessed buds. It's the perfect way to add a touch of sparkle, and offset the boho chic look that so often dominates the festival scene. Make Up Store polishes are available to buy here for £11 each.

Of course, no manicure is ever complete without the perfect top coat. Our lacquer of choice is the Brilliance Top Coat from Jessica. 3 free and fast drying, it’s fantastic for giving ‘high gloss in a flash’, setting to a perfect finish. The polish contains UV inhibitors and reflective polymers, which act to prevent chipping, reduce smudging and combat yellowing. As well as this, the speedy drying time makes it a wonderful option for popping into your backpack to set any quick manicures, should the mood take you. The Jessica Brilliance Top Coat is available to buy for £11.95 here.

With all of these beautiful polishes, you have everything you need for the perfect festival manicure.