Colin Leslie Bamboo Eyewear

Sunglasses are one of my favourite accessories and are most definitely a must-have everytime I leave my house. Whether the sun is shining bright or I simply need something to hold back my hair, I always have a pair of sunglasses in my bag. Finding the perfect pair, however, can be quite a struggle. Either they're too big or small for your face, too expensive, or simply not your taste. Thankfully my colleagues at The Amazing Blog have managed to find me the perfect pair of sunglasses from Colin Leslie Bamboo Eyewear!

I fell in love with these sunglasses as soon as I saw them. They come in a variety of different styles such as a vintage, wide eyed, geeky, classic, and retro. Due to the shape of my face, my personal favourite are their aviator style sunglasses because those are the ones that look the best on me. However you couldn't go wrong with any of their glasses!

In addition to being extremely stylish, these sunglasses are eco-friendly and help to reduce our carbon footprint. All of Colin Leslie’s glasses are individually handmade and incorporate bamboo. However the bamboo used in the glasses is not wild bamboo, but instead specifically grown for production. These glasses are produced from recycled acetate frames and the pouches are made from recycled drinking water bottles. Colin Leslie’s background in carpentry ensures that all of his glasses are exquisitely made and are of the highest quality. If you are in search of the perfect pair of sunglasses, then look no further than Colin Leslie Bamboo Eyewear! You can order your pair online here.