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Disco Dust – Biodegradable Extra Chunky Glitter and Natural Glue

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What better way is there to make yourself stand out at the festivals this summer, than with a little splash of glitter on your eyes or face? Although, most commercial cosmetic glitters have a microplastic film that pollutes the environment and takes almost 1000 years to decompose. Yes, 1000 years. We’re happy to say that The Amazing Blog has found a biodegradable and sustainable fix to these woes: Disco Dust.

The London-based company was launched in November 2016 to ‘break stigmas and push boundaries in the beauty industry’, similar to the way disco broke social and racial barriers in the 70s. Disco Dust advocates for having fun and expressing yourself while also taking care of the environment. Their glitter is made of a biodegradable film, which is even compostable in your own home, and renewably sourced raw materials.

We tried two shades from Disco Dust’s Biodegradable Range of extra chunky glitter in Gold and Silver. The individual pieces of glitter are quite large and rich in colour for a bold look. You can layer the extra chunky glitter with other colours as well as sizes in your hair and face for a unique look or use them alone to match your jewellery. Our favourite method was layering the glitter on top of liquid eyeliner for extra sparkle to an ordinary eye look. The product can be applied with a makeup brush or your fingers. Lastly, the glitter is easy to remove with a makeup wipe or soapy water, so you’re not harshly scrubbing your face before bed or finding remnants of glitter the next day. Of course, to keep the glitter on your face, you need glue. To complement the biodegradable glitters, Disco Dust created 100% Natural Disco Glue (an aloe-based and vegan glitter adhesive) as an alternative to slippery Vaseline and harsh chemical glues. The formula lasts all day and is hand poured into recyclable containers in Bristol.

Add more shine to your makeup look and your life this summer with these extra chunky glitters. You can purchase the Gold Extra Chunky Mix glitter (3g) here for £6, Silver Extra Chunky Mix glitter (3g) here for £6, and Glitter Glue (5ml) here for £5. Each product is available in a larger size and glass container, with the glue £10 for 45ml and the glitters £15 for 20g. Why not have some fun and let yourself sparkle this summer.

By Sarah London- Bath Salts

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With the weather getting warmer, taking baths shouldn’t just be reserved for the colder months. Certainly a more cooling soak in the summer months never hurt. There is nothing more we like at The Amazing Blog than to have a relaxing soak after a session in the gym or an evening run. While we all love a good bath bomb or a therapeutic essential oil, some of us with more sensitive skin prefer something a little less harsh for our skin to completely relax. UK based skincare brand BY SARAH LONDON has developed their Bath Salts with completely natural and hypoallergenic ingredients, which is a winner for us! We recently reviewed their Organic Hair Oil here which we loved.

The multi-award winning BY SARAH LONDON was launched in 2017 by two sisters Sarah and Lauren after the latter was suffering from dry, sensitive skin during her recovery from leukaemia. After searching for skincare that was both effective yet non-irritating, Sarah then sought out to start her brand that was transparent, authentic and empowering. The sisters wanted to push this transparency and authenticity by pushing for the use of ethically-sourced, plant-based ingredients  in their products.  To take this one step beyond, BY SARAH LONDON is the only UK skincare brand that lists all ingredients on the front label of all their products including their Bath Salts. While BY SARAH London products are great for people with sensitive skin and eczema, they also recommend their products to people with all skin types especially those who are conscious about what they put on their skin.

Besides having no essential oils or fragrances, BY SARAH LONDON’s Bath Salts contains only three ingredients, making sure that sensitive skin is not irritated.  The hand-blended Himalayan Pink Salts, Dead Sea Salts and French Pink Clay all combine in an eco-friendly glass jar to calm and cleanse the body. To start soaking in the minerals, add a handful of the bath salt to your warm bath and enjoy for a minimum of 15 minutes. A 280-gram jar (£20) of the Bath Salts or a 50-gram pouch (£5) of the Bath Salts are currently available to purchase on the BY SARAH LONDON website here.

Greenscents Cleaning Products

blog Most cleaning supplies on the shelves today are stock full of harmful chemicals. Personally, I despise all those synthetic cleaning agents especially when they leave residue on my counters. It's even worse when those pesky chemicals dry out my hands. Here at The Amazing Blog, my colleagues and I are always looking for organic and natural replacements, so when Greenscents crossed our paths we knew we found a winner. Greenscents is a family run company that is committed to creating sustainable and ethically sourced cleaning solutions using only organic ingredients.


Out of the many products Greenscents has to offer, I have chosen to highlight three including the Non-Scented Laundry Liquid, the Lavender Multi-Surface Spray and the Citrus Washing Up Liquid. The Non-Scented Laundry Liquid was powerful and yet, gentle at the same time. This concentrated formula left clothes feeling fresh and clean. Quite honestly, I prefer non-scented laundry detergent as those with a fragrance tend to smell a bit tacky. And, most importantly, this liquid was sensitive and did not have an effect on my skin.  The Lavender Multi-Surface Spray claims to be ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and any hard surfaces. Here in the office it was perfect for cleaning up tea spills and oily fingerprints. I was quite pleased with this anti-bacterial spray. The Citrus Washing Up Liquid, which is definitely my favourite, not only smells incredible but easily cleans away any sort of mess on your dishes, pans and silverware. And it's fast too. Before leaving the office I always have to clean my tea mugs and this washing liquid really helps speed up the process. Not to mention, the bright citrus smell lingers around helping maintain that fresh clean feeling we all love.


Greenscents' products are truly a step above those traditionally found on the shelves. This company has developed excellent organic cleaning agents without sacrificing the quality. With my hands still moisturised and the office feeling clean I can proudly say that Greenscents is definitely recommend - especially if you have the same pet peeves as I do. You can purchase your own Greenscents essentials from their website from anywhere between £2 to £6.

EcoForce - Cleaning Products

blog When it comes to buying everyday household items, we at The Amazing Blog always lean towards those that are ‘green’ and eco-friendly. So when we received several cleaning products from EcoForce, we were really chauffed.


EcoForce is a unique brand that aims to reduce their carbon footprint at every possible level of production. All of their products are made from at least 90% recycled material, which reduces landfill waste, conserves precious fossil fuels and uses 70% less energy than new plastics. And with all their designing and manufacturing taking place here in the UK, EcoForce provides a ‘greener’ and more sustainable alternative to traditional cleaning items. From the wide array of products they offer, we were fortunate enough to receive their Scourers, Sponges, Cloths and Dusters. The scourers and sponges worked great around the sink and kitchen: mopping up messes and cleaning dishes with ease. While the cloths and dusters were useful around the office: cleanin up spilled tea and wipping off dirty fingerprints. Each item was perfect for some light household cleaning.


If the environmental benefits aren’t convincing enough, the price of all these products are extremely affordable. Ranging from £1 to £5, any of these products (and more) can be purchased on their website and in most supermarkets here in the UK - including Whole Foods. EcoForce makes it easy to be green while you clean.

Win a Paperthinks Leather iPad Folio

Blog We at The Amazing Blog were fortunate to come across  Paperthinks at the recent PURE33 Exhibition. While there,  I immediately fell in love with this 'genuine' brand, and couldn’t wait to do some shopping of my own. Paperthinks offers a wide variety of products -  from card cases and notebooks to shopping bags and iPad folios. And with 24 colours it was practically impossible to make a decision. I couldn’t resist buying the Mist Blue Notebook but all their products were very tempting indeed. AND today you are very lucky because you have the chance to win a Paperthinks Leather Violet iPad Folio right here!  This vibrant lavender colour is right on trend and is in the most luxurious leather - absolutely stunning.

Paperthinks are very special people and believe that no one should not have to choose between being green and being stylish. So they merged the two beautifully: combining sustainability and design.  Each product is made from 100% recycled leather. In order to reduce waste, Paperthinks uses the off-cuts, trimmings and shavings from Asian leather manufacturing processes and industries. The leather is then treated with 'eco-conscience' lamination techniques producing a high quality and completely recycled product. It’s the perfect solution to creating a unique leather without further damaging the environment. The end result is a durable product that isn’t bulky or stiff. I use my notebook daily and it shows no signs of wear or tear.  All in all, each product has everything you need and nothing more. Paperthinks has truly captured the beauty of simplicity.

This fabulous Paperthink iPad Folio retails at £29.50 but one lucky reader will win it for free! To enter simply send your Name, Twitter, Email, and Postal Address to The give away ends May 8th and we will be tweeting the winner. To see Paperthinks’ complete collection check out their website gallery or go to Oliver Bonas to purchase your favourites.