Miners Cosmetics

Here at The Amazing Blog, you could safely call us girly-girls. So when we get a chance to try lip glosses, blushers, and nail polishes, you can be sure we’ll say yes! Miners Cosmetics has just released new products to their line, and their colourful additions are must-haves for you makeup bag! To start with, they’ve brought out three new summer nail polishes, these bright colours are perfect accessories to any summer outfit. Keepin’ It Teal, Mango Tango, and Sunny Side Up, are three shades that are sure to brighten your summer looks. They come off on your nail as bright as they look in the bottle, but we suggest using a topcoat to make sure the colour stays vibrant on your nail. Priced at a very affordable £2.99 you can pick up the whole collection to brighten up both your nails and your outfits!

Next in the collection is the Mood Lip Glosses, perfect for any festival girl that doesn’t want to spend ages messing about with lip liner and lipstick. These glosses react with your ph-level to create a lip colour unique to you. It comes out of the tube as an opaque white colour, and once applied to your lips you see it transform to your perfect hue. They’re available in Glastonberry and Peace Pout.

Last in the collection is my favourite, the Blusher Bricks. I can’t go a day without a blusher, and these bricks combine three shades that you can mix together or use individually, a great multitasking product to change up your look instantly! It comes in two shades, Pinks and Browns, and as you can guess, the Pinks will give you a perfect rosy glow, and the Browns are brilliant to use as a bronzer.

So whether it’s makeup for your next festival, or just a night out with the girls, check out Miners for their massive range of affordable makeup.