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Friday Favourites- New Years Eve Make Up

It’s not long until we will welcome in the New Year with either a wonderful party or celebrations with friends. We only have a few days between now and then to prepare, so we thought that we'd offer a few suggestions for you to have a splurge with your Christmas spending money. At The Amazing Blog we've picked a few of our very favourite make-up finds to help you create that perfect eye catching look to see in 2014! Loose Glitter Pigment imageThe Rouge Bunny Rouge make-up collection is just the place to head with that Christmas spending money. One of my personal favourite products is the Loose Glitter Pigment in all its girly, baby pink glory. It’s just what you need to add a little sparkle to your outfit and jazz things up a bit on this special evening. The pigment contains pearl, making it extraordinarily luminescent on the skin. It also has added Sodium PCA which is a natural moisturiser, this means that the pigment is not drying on your skin so it is extremely soft and creamy and can be applied to the skin with ease. The bottle contains a built in applicator wand to prevent any of the pigment from being spilled and the wand is tipped with a soft sponge for easy application of the pigment. It applies to the skin lightly and evenly giving a soft and delicate look with a gorgeous shimmer. This pigment is perfect to wear either alone or blended with other eye shadows. The Loose Glitter Pigments are available in six other colours and you can get your hands on your own from the Rouge Bunny Rouge Website for £19.34.


Cozmetic Lab has a great selection of loose powders for the face. They have created an 'Intro Pack' which comprises of a foundation, eye shadow, bronzer and blush so you can create your complete look. This Australian mineral make-up for women who want to be noticed. The powdered foundation is light weight and sets well, making it useful for concealing, coverage and setting. It’s also oil free which makes it much better for keeping your skin in tip top condition. I was surprised at how well the powder covered imperfections as usually I need to use a liquid foundation for more coverage. I particularly liked the fact that it has an SPF 25, no talc and has a fabulous illuminating effect on the skin - unlike may other mineral brands which have left my complexion rather dull and flat. This product was a big hit with The Amazing Blog team. The bronzer also blends seamlessly in, giving you a natural glowing tan. It has a subtle effect which means you look tanned, rather than looking like you’re wearing make-up. If you prefer to go with the rosy finish then the blush is just the thing for this. It sits well on the cheeks and has a slight shimmer but nothing too unnatural. When you’re out in the cold this New Years you’re bound to get some pink skin, so you may as well make it a more flattering cheek colour with this blush. The eye shadow creates an attention grabbing smoky eye to give you a seductive and mysterious edge for these celebrations. All the powders stay on the skin really well, there’s no slipping and sliding with this make-up. The ingredients also mean shine won’t be a problem so you can stay looking glam and fabulous all evening. The Intro Pack is £42 and can be found here.



If you are a loyal reader of our blog then you will already know how much we love Eye of Horus because of our post here.They popped into our heads as soon as we started thinking about getting striking eyes for New Year. Two colours that we suggest for this occasion are the Teal Malachite Goddess Pencil and the Smokey Eye Goddess Pencil, either alone or blended together. The Smokey Eye Goddess Pencil is a classic black with extreme definition. The exotic pencil glides effortlessly with no smudge because of the ingredients and creamy formula. They are waterproof too which is ideal because the weather is very unpredictable. If smouldering is the look you intend to create then smouldering you will get with these pencils.  The teal is a little more creative and adventurous, we love this bright colour which can be applied either as a subtle line around the eye or smudged to create more of an eyeshadow effect. It will certainly enhance and illuminate your eyes with its hypnotic shimmer. The smudger tip gives you a lot of leeway when deciding on the style you want to create. They are only £13 and will last all night long and more. These currently can be found on their UK website Eye of Horus , in store at John Bell & Croyden or online at cocktail cosmetics

miners foundation

For a more simple make-up looks this New Year, try the pressed  Miners Fresh Faced Powder. You can read our post on the Miners liquid foundation here, but this powder is something a little lighter and understated with a matting effect. These form a brand new collection of powder shades designed to even out skin tone and conceal imperfections, to create that all important flawless finish. The powder comes in Translucent Ivory, Soft Sand, and Warm Honey. They are only £3.99 and found on the Miners website here.


As well as making yourself look glam, it’s always important to smell the part too. Lush have just released a new collection of limited edition scents. Our favourite is the Rose Jam; a fruity but strong scent guaranteed to get you noticed. The scent is made from real Turkish rose oil and rose absolute, blended with a hint of zingy lemon and a dash of geranium oil. This mixture helps to create this gorgeous sweet and floral scent. Unlike other rose scented perfumes, that may remind you a bit of your granny, this one from Lush is rich, powerful and modern, and a spray or two will last you all night. They are at a very affordable £30 for 30ml, and only available online from here, and are also in limited quantities, so get them while you can!


Miners Fresh Faced Foundation

  Miners Fresh Faced Blog Image

Mineral make-up is growing in popularity every day because it’s actually good for our skin. The Amazing Blog has come across a revitalising, light mineral foundation which moisturises the skin and conceals imperfections without caking your face. Miners Fresh Faced Foundation is a great handbag-sized product for when you’re in need of a quick touch up.

The Fresh Faced Foundation smells refreshing and somewhat youthful. Unlike thick heavy foundations, we found that the texture and application was more comparable to that of a moisturiser which is why the smell is more fragrant than you’d expect.  The smell sticks around as well so you get to enjoy it all day long. Miners have three shades to choose from, Ivory, Buff, and Almond.  This particular foundation would be perfect if you are looking for something with a bit more coverage than a BB Cream but not as dense as most foundations. As we head toward the colder months, a little coverage might be just what you need for those rosy cheeks and Rudolph nose. It reminds me of some of the first foundations I used in my teens, with noticeable but light coverage to avoid that embarrassing foundation two-tone line on your jaw. It’s easy to apply and blends into your natural skin tone nicely, evening out any blemishes or imperfections.

The natural properties of this foundation means it is paraben free and mineral based. Not only does it make your skin look good but it has no harming qualities unlike some other brands which may have ingredients that irritate more sensitive skin. We like to team this Fresh Faced Foundation with a little bit of blusher and a berry lip to get the perfect winter look. They are also a fun stocking filler if you have young daughters starting to become aware of the world of make-up.

At £4.99, these little foundations are very affordable, however they are more like travel sized items. To see the range of shades on offer and to get your hands on your own then visit the Miners website.

Pop Up Your Lips with Miners Cosmetics

  Luxe Lips Creme Gloss


Everyone knows that most girls love a good healthy dose of lip gloss. Whether it is packed full of colour or glitter, we just love it; especially here at The Amazing Blog. We take a jump for it every time we are able to try a new lip gloss, and it was no different when we found out about Miners Cosmetics new LuXe Lips collection.


The new collection is a ‘luxurious crème gloss’ formula, so it is super smooth and shiny. Best part? They are absolutely packed full of colour. There are five shades to choose from, and they are all absolutely beautiful colours. First on the list is Uptown Girl, which is a delicious looking peach colour; perfect for summer. Next, Beauty Queen, is a sophisticated mauve nude, perfect for the working woman during the day. Duchess packs a punch of rich coral, which will suit just about any skin tone. Material Girl is a beautiful red/pink, which is going to look perfect for a night out. Finally, It Girl is a rich bubblegum, Barbie pink.


These glosses are wonderful as far as texture is concerned, as they lack the stickiness found in most lip gloss. They go on smooth and shiny, and feel quite moisturising. The only questionable factor is the fact that the first ingredient in the gloss is mineral oil.


If you are looking for a non-sticky, highly pigmented gloss than these are going to be perfect for you! Retailing at only £3.99 each, you will absolutely want to purchase every colour! LuXe Lips Crème Gloss can be bought at the Miners Cosmetics website as well as at many quality pharmacies. Now go on, get your shine on!

Miners Cosmetics - Colour & Kohl eyeliners



At The Amazing Blog we look for new products that really catch our eye, er yes, quite literally!  And so when we received Miner’s Cosmetics Colour & Kohl eyeliners,  we were all squabling over over who was going to use which colour...What we all came to the conclusion was that when applied on both the top and bottom lash line - they really  make your eyes pop. I'm personally always on a mission to  find  eyeliners that are (1)  easy to apply and  (2) will last  right through day to night and I'm happy to report that I think that I've found a winner.

Miners Cosmetics Colour & Kohl eyeliners come in four different colours - which we received one of each (hence the squabbling over once particular colour - see later on!) They have the basic black and brown eyeliners and the stunning blue and gold eyeliners, latter great for those glamorous nights out. What I like is that these eyeliners serve a dual purpose as they can be used as both eyeliner and a kohl pencil. If you are using the black or brown Colour & Kohl eyeliner pencil for everyday wear, you can simply line your eyes or you could go for the full-on look to really enhance your eyes  to make you stand out in the crowd. My or our (but I got it!) favourite is the gold eyeliner which can be used to create a subtle look but can also be used to create a dramatic look. I noticed that when you turn your head, the gold has a shimmer which catches the light - which I really like.

Miner’s Cosmetics make this professional, dual purpose eyeliner pencil  super- affordable at a mere £1.99. You can purchase the different colours of the Colour & Kohl eyeliner pencils online for £1.99 or your local  pharmacy or chemist.

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