Natural U

Hopefully, like us, you've been soaking up all the sun you can in London today (we're depending on all of you to keep your fingers crossed so it lasts!). However, your delicate skin may still be feeling the effects of the unseasonably cold weather of recent weeks, and no one wants to have less than luscious skin in this beautiful weather!  So whether it’s a bit of dry skin or something more, The Amazing Blog has found a couple of great body balms for you! Natural U’s two skin balms are little pots of miracle working moisturiser, with loads of uses on your body and face.

Founder Catherine Matthias created the balms after growing tired of seeing all the chemicals used in most moisturisers, packed with unnatural ingredients, which didn’t even seem to work. After blending natural ingredients, she found her eczema started clearing up, and has been selling her range ever since. Their All Purpose Balm is brilliant for dry skin, lips, heels and elbows. You can use it as a night time facial moisturiser, and for eczema – it’s great for sensitive skin. The all natural and organic ingredients in the beauty balms make sure that the best and most raw elements are going into your skin.

Second in the range is my favourite, the Daily Body Rub, it smells just like peppermint and has just as many uses as the All Purpose Balm. With ingredients like shea butter, eucalyptus, tea tree, and beeswax, the Daily Body Rub is great for sore muscles, headaches and tiredness. Use it across your neck, shoulders and temples to get a great natural relief from the daily grind! For each application you really don’t need to use a lot of the balm -  a little goes a long way! The balm absorbs right into your skin, hydrating it and leaving it smooth and soothed.

So whether your skin needs a nice balm occasionally or an intensive moisturiser regularly, Natural U has a body balm for you!