Moroccan Natural - Pearl Powder

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When people think of pearls, they merely think of luminescent and glistening orbs used in jewellery. However, we want to introduce you to finely grounded down pearls, which have a surprising variety of uses, primarily to aid aesthetic and health benefits which in turn help to boost a glowing complexion. When The Amazing Blog heard that this 100% pure Pearl Powder had been used for thousands of years by Chinese and Egyptians (including Cleopatra), we knew we had to experiment with this micronised Moroccan Natural’s Pearl Powder!

Moroccan Natural founder Carole Fraser launched this UK based natural beauty brand in 2010. It all began when she was recommended to use Moroccan Argan oil to treat both her frizzy and dry hair and a 14-year-old skin condition. After seeing the power of the fantastic properties of organic, natural products can have, Carole was inspired to start the brand. All with the premise of cultivating a line of products that are made up of entirely organic ingredients, in order to heal and rejuvenate the hair and skin naturally. Made with 100% pharmaceutical grade natural freshwater pearl powder, Moroccan Natural’s Pearl Powder takes on the ancient beauty secret which is infused with 30 different minerals. With its calcium, proteins and vitamins and a high source of amino acid, Pearl Powder will help speed healing, enhance elasticity and help maintain a perfect skin luminosity. These are all shown to stimulate skin and collagen production, smooth wrinkles, help improve skin texture and help with sun damage. Like all Moroccan Natural products, the Pearl Powder is completely natural and is free from silicones, parabens or preservatives all of which can irritate the skin.

After a few weeks of incorporating the Pearl Powder into our beauty regimen, we loved the radiance it gave our complexion. The less visible sun spots, fewer large pores and a more luminous and even skin tone. To start seeing radiant results for yourself, mix a pearl-sized scoop (using the spatula included) into your daily moisturiser or try one of Moroccan Natural’s five different ways to use the powder depending on your skin care goals. Our Exec Editor’s favourite way was to have this Pearl Powder as a finishing powder, it is so finely ground that it absorbs the shine and leaves the skin supple. We really love the versatility of this 100% natural product. While a 15g container of the Pearl Powder retails at £25 on the Moroccan Natural website here. You only need use a tiny bit in each application and found that this pot lasted for quite some months.

Marie Reynolds - Hot Toddy Candle

One of the things that we seem to collect at The Amazing Blog's HQ are candles - they sit on our desks and we light them being extra careful (we're too scared of ruining our computers and phones with wax). As soon as Marie Reynolds' candle in Hot Toddy arrived to the office I had to grab my lighter and burn the wick, especially after reading some lovely reviews on the company's products. Due to my clumsiness and my fear of setting the whole office on fire, I decided to take the candle home with me and sit it on my bedside table where the rest of my candles live. Marie Reynold's candle in Hot Toddy is one of the most delicious candles I've burned. Marie Reynolds' Hot Toddy is warm and sweet; its bold smell is the result of mixing spiced apple, mandarin, satsuma, peach, cinnamon and nutmeg - and it's part of the Aromawax range, rich in Argan Oil and a blend of pure essential oils. The Aromawax range is made from ethically sourced organic soya wax; creating a clean and safe candle burning experience. The one thing that made me love this candle (apart from the delicious smell), is the fact that you can use the melted wax as an actual massage oil that adds a beautiful gold sheen to your skin. This is due to the candle's low melting point so can be ‘scooped’ from the glass jar and massaged into the skin, giving a hydrated, silky soft result and leaving the skin as nourished as the richest body butter would.

At The Amazing Blog we'd love to try more fabulous candles by Marie Reynolds, as Hot Toddy has impressed us very much (and it's left my bedroom smelling amazing). You can purchase Marie Reynolds' whole range of candles from their website. Hot Toddy can be purchased in two different sizes: 135 gr and 50 gr - they retail for £30 and £8 each.




SilDerm's Lumixyl RevitalEyes

This time every year, my skin reacts terribly to the change of season - the constant changes of temperature make my skin dehydrated and very dull... make-up ends up looking odd and not as natural. That's why apart from looking for nourishing products, brightening ones are also on the top of my beauty wishlist every Autumn. To be fair, and when it comes to eye cream, I've always been on the hydrating side of formulas as they make under eye concealer go smoother - however, and following the "no dull skin in Autumn/Winter", I have to say that I and the girls at The Amazing Blog have fallen for SilDerm's Lumixyl RevitalEyes Brightening Eye Cream.

Lumixyl RevitalEyes claims to correct the 4 main signs of age of the eye area: dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, dryness and inflammation - most eye creams usually treat one or two of these factors, however, Lumixyl RevitalEyes has been designed specifically to rejuvenate the eye area correcting these 4 main issues. This effective eye cream uses the Decapeptide-12 technology, which stops the production on melanin; the dark pigment in the skin that causes sun spots, liver spots and dark eye circles. To be fair, I don't suffer from neither fine lines nor inflammation; however, I do have a super sensitive under eye area which needs deep hydration and brightening. The product is quite liquidy yet nourishing, it leaves the skin feeling fresh and soothes this sensitive area instantly. Silderm's Lumixyl has left my skin smoother, more flexible and definitely brighter.

You can buy SilDerm's Lumnixyl RevitalEyes on their website, it retails at £50 - worth every penny.





Pai Lip Balm

There are few beauty emergencies worse than having dry lips. Whether you're at work, on a date, or even just at home, having moisturised and soft lips is essential to any beauty regime. And if you look in any girl's handbag there's sure to be a few lip products in the depths. So if you're a beauty girl looking to add another luscious lip balm to your collection, The Amazing Blog recommends the Pai Bergamot Lip Balm. The Pai Bergamot Lip Balm is 100% Organic, and the rest of Pai's skincare are chemical free and Soil Association Organic approved. They're dedicated to making sure your body is getting the best quality ingredients. These ingredients include cocoa butter, shea butter, Bergamot oil, beeswax and sweet almond oil. There are absolutely no chemicals in the lip balm, and if you're wondering, Bergamot is the oil produced from the peel of the Sicilian orange. Learn something new every day! The Bergamot oil is what gives it it's light citrus-y scent. The Bergamot lip balm glides onto your lips and you instantly feel your lips getting moisturised, and as long as you apply it regularly throughout the day your lips will be smooth and soft all day. As well as being a delectable product, the Pai package is cute and stylish. You can whip your little tin out anywhere with pride.

So to keep your lips moisturised and soft, pick up the Pai Bergamot Lip Balm. Available for £7 on their website.

Natural U

Hopefully, like us, you've been soaking up all the sun you can in London today (we're depending on all of you to keep your fingers crossed so it lasts!). However, your delicate skin may still be feeling the effects of the unseasonably cold weather of recent weeks, and no one wants to have less than luscious skin in this beautiful weather!  So whether it’s a bit of dry skin or something more, The Amazing Blog has found a couple of great body balms for you! Natural U’s two skin balms are little pots of miracle working moisturiser, with loads of uses on your body and face.

Founder Catherine Matthias created the balms after growing tired of seeing all the chemicals used in most moisturisers, packed with unnatural ingredients, which didn’t even seem to work. After blending natural ingredients, she found her eczema started clearing up, and has been selling her range ever since. Their All Purpose Balm is brilliant for dry skin, lips, heels and elbows. You can use it as a night time facial moisturiser, and for eczema – it’s great for sensitive skin. The all natural and organic ingredients in the beauty balms make sure that the best and most raw elements are going into your skin.

Second in the range is my favourite, the Daily Body Rub, it smells just like peppermint and has just as many uses as the All Purpose Balm. With ingredients like shea butter, eucalyptus, tea tree, and beeswax, the Daily Body Rub is great for sore muscles, headaches and tiredness. Use it across your neck, shoulders and temples to get a great natural relief from the daily grind! For each application you really don’t need to use a lot of the balm -  a little goes a long way! The balm absorbs right into your skin, hydrating it and leaving it smooth and soothed.

So whether your skin needs a nice balm occasionally or an intensive moisturiser regularly, Natural U has a body balm for you!