Quick Crêpes

One of my absolute favourite things about visiting France is the crêpes. Whether it's just with sugar and lemon, or something more decadent like nutella and banana there aren't many sweet treats that can compare to a piping hot crêpe. Now, as we all know, I am so useless in the kitchen that I wouldn't even dream of attempting to make crepes at home but that's where Quick Crêpes comes in. I'm sure everyone reading has tried some sort of pancake mix in their life, but if you've ever tried a crêpe then you know they're worlds away from thick stodgy pancakes. But making them at home is a different story. Quick Crêpes has taken all the guess work out of creating your perfect crêpe, by mixing all the ingredients perfectly. All you have to do is add water to the pre-mixed sachet, et voila! It honestly could not be easier to get a taste of France in your home, and I will put it out there that I didn't even burn the first one. I used quite a large pan and easily got 6 crêpes from one sachet of their Traditional Crêpe Mix. I chose the simple but delicious lemon and sugar combo to top mine, but feel free to experiment with your fillers - maybe even a savoury crêpe! The delicious Quick Crêpes are made with buckwheat which makes for a crispier crêpe, and the ingredients in the mix are all natural. Even the packaging looks authentic and rustic, none of that cheap supermarket cardboard found here.

So if you're looking to add a bit of French flare to your kitchen, Quick Crêpes are the perfect addition to your summer menu. Available on their website from £4.99.