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Dr. Lipp's Moisturising Lip Tints

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Happy Valentines Day from us at The Amazing Blog! Whether you’re spending the evening with a loved one, or are planning to snuggle under a blanket with some chocolate and a chick flick - you’ll want to be taking care of your lips. Particularly at this time of the year, we’re subject to dry and cracked skin, which is only made worse by chemically laden lip products. This is where Dr. Lipp steps up the lip product game! Founded by Norwegian entrepreneur and artist, Pontine Paus, this brand is perfect for sassy women who want to know what is inside their beauty products.

Created out of just four, all natural ingredients, this brand really created a lifestyle movement of full disclosure skincare. Pontine Paus explains “sometimes the best things have been around for centuries, we just need to learn about them”, something we couldn’t agree more with. Their products are 100% natural, with the brand being particularly famous for its Original Nipple Balm. Designed for dry skin, this balm has won multiple awards, and is know for its glorious richness and ultra-effective long-lasting moisture. In fact, we reviewed this product last year (see here), so we were more than excited to try their new range of Moisturising Colour Tints.

These tints have the same base as The Original Nipple Balm, made from medical grade lanolin, ditrach phosphate (a natural pigment disperser) and glyceryl caprilate (a natural preservative made from organically grown vegetable oils). The difference however, is the addition of pigment, with three different colours sourced from organically grown plants. The first, a natural pink, comes from the use of sweet potato pigment, while the deeper burgundy shade is derived from elderberry pigment. Flavour and fragrance-free, these tints will leave your lips kissably soft. Additionally, for red lip lovers, the red radish pigment creates a bold, yet moisturised finish.

To purchase your own lip tints (free from parabens, animal testing, sulphates and mineral oil), then visit the Dr. Lipp website here. You can purchase them as a lip set for £18 or individually for £6.99 (8ml).

Cocoa Glow - Chocolate Sun

It’s clear that here at The Amazing Blog, we love our fake tanning products. We have featured more than our fair share of our favourites, but we’re always on the lookout for new products that are more natural and better for our bodies.

Cocoa Glow by Chocolate Sun is the very first all-natural organic fake tanning product. Fresh from Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Cocoa Sun contains a skin tinting agent called DHA that’s derived from beets. The all-natural glow develops five to seven hours after application and lasts seven to ten days. The ultra-moisturising formulation includes ingredients like aloe, coconut oil, shea butter, and sweet almond oil, blended with potent antioxidants from green tea and cocoa bean extracts. To use, first exfoliate the skin and then apply the deliciously cocoa-scented product in circular motions while avoiding tricky bits like knees and ankles. Just wash your hands afterwards to prevent sun tan hands, and you’ll be good to glow!

Get ready for warmer weather with Chocolate Sun’s Cocoa Glow here for £26.

Libby Chan Concentrate

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Here at The Amazing Blog we are in love with the green revolution. Whether it’s the products we use to meet our beauty needs or the goods we use to keep our homes clean, we try and make sure all ingredients are completely natural and safe. Now that we’ve got our hands on the Libby Chan concentrate, we are confident that this product will help our lives stay green and clean.

Libby Chan concentrate is made from all-natural ingredients and fermented from food. Yes, we did say fermented! The ingredients are non-GMO, fair trade, and include live yogurt cultures and yeast in the list. Unlike antibacterial products that completely strip a surface making it prone to germs and filth, this product is filled with “good bacteria” keeping all unwanted forms of bacteria at bay.  Instead of a harsh, insufficient clean, Libby Chan concentrate gently cleans with “good bacteria,” leaving your home spick and span.

Libby Chan concentrate left the office with a pleasant earthy scent, reminding us of freshly baked bread. No matter what the circumstances may be, this cleaning product is sure to take the "think green" movement to a whole new level.

On the Libby Chan website there is a wonderful list of local retailers that supply the brand- check here  to see if your area is on the list or buy online here  for prices ranging from £8.99 to £12.79.

Attitude Certified Eco-Friendly Body Wash and Body Lotion

final blogWe here at The Amazing Blog are big fans of anything that is eco-friendly or free of any harmful chemicals. We find this extremely important because as the skin is the largest organ in the body it  absorbs whatever we apply -  so in our view it’s vital that we make sure that whatever we use, it contains safe and healthy ingredients. When we found Attitude Body Wash and Body Lotion, we knew we had found something special. Attitude a brand which originates from Canada, contains no harmful chemicals or ingredients and is completely natural carbon-neutral and eco-friendly; so of course these products immediately caught our eye. What they are extremely keen to point out is that their products are free from the dreaded 1,4 Dioxaine and Ethylene Oxide; basically they have created ALL their products to be free from any 'known' harmful chemicals.

I decided to use the Revival Body Wash and Daily Moisturiser Body Lotion in place of usual body wash and lotion. The body wash has a nice, gentle 'sea breezy' scent  and a good smooth texture that had the perfect amount of slip without leaving a residue. Revival Body Wash left me feeling fresh, clean and suitably moisurised with its citrusy smelling lotion.  I always think that the smell of my body lotion determines the sort of day ahead I'll have... i.e. citrusy smell puts a spring in my step where as something lavender calms and keeps my head clear for those all important meetings.  With this I truly felt quite zingy and could not have imagined a happier, and better smelling, way to start my day. Both of these products allowed me to pamper myself in the most natural and gentle way possible and still left me feeling clean and moisturised.

For more information on these eco-friendly and all natural products, you can go to their website. Their prices range from an affordable £5 to £8  for a generous sized 355ml bottle, and a list of shops to purchase their products at can be found on their website as well. We think that these products are unisex so nice to be able to 'share' these with your boyfriend/partner too - big plus point having less clutter in the bathroom!  Attitude Brand Revival Body Wash and Daily Moisturiser Body Lotion help you feel clean and refreshed all over, in the most natural way possible.

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