We all know that we should drink more water. Whether it's for fitness, lifestyle or weight loss, I'm sure most of you readers could do with a bit of extra H2O in your life. But if you're about to fill up your cup with water from your tap, then The Amazing Blog suggests you test it first with  Watersafe's Well-Water Test Kit before quenching your thirst. This quick and easy to use kit is perfect for making sure the water you're drinking is safe, and not harmful to you.  Even if your water has been through a treatment facility, it is still possible that it contains unhealthy amounts of contaminants. If you're going to be upping your intake of tap water (or bottled water) you'll want to be sure that you're not going to be doing more harm than good. The kit covers just about anything you can think of to test in your water: bacteria, pesticides, nitrates, lead, iron, nitrites, hardness, chlorine, copper, and pH. We used our Well-Water test kit to test the water here at Amazing PR and luckily we didn't find anything untoward with our sample! While our water was a bit on the hard side, we didn't find any excess copper, iron, or nitrates, and our pH was in a good range - phew! If you're worried that your water might be contaminated, things like spots on glasses, unusual smells, blue/green stains in the sink and discoloured laundry are all sign that you should test your water.

So whether you're concerned your water might not be up to par, or you just want piece of mind that it's as safe as it looks, pick up a Watersafe Well-Water Test Kit to be sure! Available from £24.99.