Pure Massage

I signed up on something of a whim to run a 10k Race For Life in aid of Cancer Research, slightly unprepared for the challenge that lay ahead. I hadn't run since the days of cross country club at school, and the treadmill was always the one machine in the gym I avoided like the plague. However, following my aunt's diagnosis with breast cancer, and never one to turn down a challenge I began running again, determined to complete the 10k  without stopping to walk.

What followed was a very sweaty 10 weeks, in which my co-workers at The Amazing Blog witnessed my hobbling into work, my aching limbs, and a rather dodgy knee. And having completed the race with Eleanor and Sarah cheering me along, suffice to say that the following day my body was ravaged. Thankfully, I was booked in for a relaxing massage at Pure Massage in Fulham, a haven of tranquility tucked away from the lively Fulham Broadway.

I was taken into one of the treatment rooms by my friendly massuese and after leaving the room to allow me to undress she swiftly returned to work her magic. She begun the massage by placing a warm towel on my ankles and feet, which had an immediately soothing effect. With calming music playing in the background I slipped into a blissful state as warm oil was expertly worked into my throbbing muscles, with special attention being paid to my shoulders and calves which were, unsurprisingly particularly tight. After having massaged my back, neck and calves I was then turned over so the masseuse could concentrate on my legs and feet, and it seemed that the hour had passed in the blink of an eye.

Following the massage we briefly touched upon my exercise regime and the importance of regular massages in order to recover from strain and injury was emphasised upon. I was also told to ensure that I stay hydrated at all times - particularly when training. Given that after my Race For Life I swiftly signed up for a half marathon, I'll certainly be going back for a post run massage!

And so, whether, like me you're after a massage to help the condition and recovery of your body in relation to exercise, or whether you simply fancy indulging in a bit of me-time away from the hustle and bustle of London (particularly during the all-encompassing Olympics) visit Pure Massage in either Fulham or Bond Street - and with 15% off for all new clients, what's not to love?!