Friday Favourites – Healing Face Mists

Don’t you love it when you wake up, spray your face with a natural, delicate and fresh face mist, both invigorating and uplifting, all to start your day off right. At The Amazing Blog, we’ve always been keen on facial mists, but in our recent search we’ve found that too many high street facial mists are ineffective, watery or filled with chemicals. Today we’re happy to say that we’ve discovered some new and natural healing mist solutions to share with you.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.


The first #Amazingfind healing mist we have is from Max and Me, a company dedicated to making you look better but also feeling better.

The brand was founded by Max and Tanja Gruber, who set out to create skincare that they quote that it “Goes beyond mere product performance. Skincare that suffuses you with a most beautiful, vibrant flow of energy.” Max is the entrepreneurial spirit of the pair, and designed the company’s structure so it is as fully ethical as possible particularly regarding ingredient sourcing and sustainability. His partner, Tanja trained in Energetic Healing, Kinesiology, and Aromatherapy for three years at the Austrian Academy of Kinesiology. The couple’s respective backgrounds fused into a line of unique skin care products with an energy-healing basis.

The Intuitive is a botanical facial mist that has a blend of ingredients to ‘elevate skin, soul, and spirit’. One of the main ingredients, palo santo, is an Ecuadorian-sourced plant that heals and increases positive energy around you, which uplifts your mood. On top of this, wild agonis essential oil regulates your circadian rhythm for better sleeping at night, and blue tansy relaxes and calms your mind. These natural ingredients work to balance the flow of energy around you and reduce any negative ions while smelling like the woods after it rains. They are also gentle yet effective for inflamed, dry, or acne-prone skin.

Besides providing much-needed relief to our dry summer skin, what drew us to this product was its healing effects. When we sprayed it, we instantly felt tranquil - and it’s something that we’ve carried with us throughout the day even as we walked through the busy London streets. You can use this facial mist for many purposes, such as a room and pillow spray or mixed with a balm for a face mask, but we preferred using it on freshly cleansed skin to let our moisturiser soak in better. The spray has very fine particles, which evenly distribute the mist onto your face, and is hand-blended into a sturdy glass bottle. You can purchase The Intuitive (100ml) here for 70 €.

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The next product we have for you is made specifically for skin hydration by Alexandra Soveral. As regular readers will know, we recently featured her Sweet Orange & Rosemary Shampoo. Soveral founded the brand with her business partner Jori Aleem to form natural products developed using cutting edge science. Before starting her beauty and perfume line, Soveral spent time understanding skin as an aromatherapist and facialist. She also learned how to curate products organically as a cosmetic designer. The company is also dedicated to sustainability and given the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark, which ‘identifies the luxury brands that meet the highest standards of verified innovation, social, and environmental performance’. It uses pure and natural ingredients found in its Floral Rain Hydrating Face Mist.

This face mist combines vitamins and antioxidants with essential oils that hydrate and even your skin, making it optimal to use as a toner to prep your face for oils, serums, or moisturiser. Aloe vera nourishes your skin but doesn’t make the product watery so that you can use it over make up for a midday skin pick-me-up. The orange blossom and rose scent is also refreshing to use on your neck and décolletage. We found that it smells good when sprayed around your surroundings as with just a single spritz of the mist, the fragrance holds its aroma. It is hand-blended in London and packaged in a recyclable plastic bottle. You can buy the Hydrating Face Mist (250ml) here for £45.


Finally, to complete this week’s Friday Favourite’s trio of healing mists, we have the Universal Soul Company’s, 3-in-1 Soul Mist in their signature fragrance STILL. The luxury lifestyle brand was founded by well-known British actress Sara Griffiths to value all five of your senses amid all the media and technology that surrounds us and empower others through positive well-being. The company focuses on the idea of ‘profit for purpose’ and donates a portion of its revenue to different causes as another way to enable others. The Universal Soul Company also has the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark of approval for sustainability.

The name of the Soul Mist comes from its three intended uses: room spray, meditation, and pillow mist. Instead of needing three separate products, only this mist is necessary throughout your day from morning until night. Patchouli and vetiver base notes combine to create a strong musky scent while lavender oil and may chang layered on top of it create a sweet floral fragrance that appears a few moments after spraying the mist. May chang has been proven to relieve fatigue and lethargy, leaving you in a better mood and lavender helps you sleep and relieves body aches. The mist is made with 100 per cent natural essential oils and mineral waters, which break up air molecules and generate negative ions of well-being like being near a waterfall or the ocean. It is alcohol-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and has no artificial fragrances, so it is safe for use on your face and around children, animals, and furniture.

The 3-in-1 Soul Mist is Universal’s first brand product, and it does not disappoint. The smell made us feel instantly relaxed and lasted. We found it was particularly helpful in making us feel less stressed when waking up and getting going in the morning. You can purchase the hand-blended product (100ml) here for £37.

These three healing mists prove that creating a relaxed state of mind is not just reserved for a retreat or an exclusive yoga studio. In fact, they teach you how you can build a tranquil zone of your own with just one spray. Using each of these healing mists helped us to feel like we could conquer the day with both an uplifted mood and more radiant looking skin!

Flower and Spice - Rose & Coriander Travel/Discovery Set


 At The Amazing Blog, we all can relate to the need to pamper ourselves after a hectic week at the office. Therefore, we like to treat ourselves with natural skincare products that are both soothing and calming. So when someone suggested we try the newly launched skincare brand Flower and Spice with their range of natural and organic products, we did just that!

After deciding to stop working in the marketing industry, Flower and Spice founder Karmen Novak  went on to studying organic skincare science at UK-based Formula Botanica before launching the brand last year. Her mission is to ‘...bring nature back to your daily life.’ After experiencing great results on her own skin from the selection of natural oils she chose, Karmen decided to share her propriety blend of essential oils with the world, all in the form of her first launched product the much haled Midnight Beauty Rich Revitalising Serum. Since then, she has gone on to release two other equally successful products. While we only got to try two out of their three products, in the Rose & Coriander Travel/Discovery Set we were extremely pleased with the results. The set is comprises of two of Flower and Spice’s, products the Soothe and Repair Daily Moisturiser and the Midnight Beauty Rich Revitalising Serum. Both of these contain rose absolute and coriander seed oil and other botanical ingredients ensuring the efficacy while also exuding a gentle and relaxing aroma during use

The first product in the set is the Midnight Beauty Rich Revitalising Serum. This contains ten essential oils and is void of any parabens and fillers. In addition to the rose and coriander oils, the serums are antioxidant rich with other oils like prickly pear, plum seed, jojoba, apricot seed, argan, evening primrose and macadamia. Together these work to regulate your skin’s oil production and the texture of your skin by hydrating and preventing signs of ageing.  Flower & Spice recommend using this alone at night-time by simply gently press about three pumps of the serum onto cleansed skin. However, If like one of our team, you have particularly dry skin we suggest using this Serum in tandem with the Soothe and Repair Daily moisturiser during the day.  Let the Serum sink into your skin before applying the moisturiser to lock-in the effects.  

Next we tried was the Soothe and Repair Daily Moisturiser. While the rose absolute in the moisturiser provides an aromatherapy feel, other plant-based ingredients such as the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory coriander seed oil, grape seed oil, the rare prickly pear seed oil, aloe vera, rosewater and arctic oat extract all soothe, smooth and moisturise giving the skin a dewy, supple complexion. After cleansing skin, apply a generous amount of the moisturiser for day or night. This Rose & Coriander Travel/Discovery Set is perfect to use either individually or together with a layer effect depending on your skin type. Start your journey towards giving your skin a special relaxing treat by purchasing the duo set which contains a 30ml bottle of the Moisturiser and an 10ml bottle of the Serum here for £61.43 and if you purchase now you get 2 gifts offered!

Nathalie Bond - Bloom Body Oil


London is starting to be a crimson and fiery orange dream, thanks to the autumn leaves. However, the crisp air can start to affect our skin’s moisture levels, especially when you have sensitive skin. As our regular readers will know, we’re more than just a tad fussy about what we use on our bodies, and are always eager to know what the ingredients are. Today The Amazing Blog is reviewing a product by the certified COSMOS Organic & Natural and cruelty-free skincare brand, Nathalie Bond. Their products are made in small batches, so we know we’re getting the quality that we deserve. We’re fans of this organic skincare brand and have recently reviewed their Bloom Lip Balm, here.

Nathalie Bond uses cold pressed and sustainably sourced oils. This family-run business has a range of products with handmade soap, lip salves, balms, body/face oils, scrubs, bath salts candles, and mists.

We gave their Bloom Body Oil a whirl. This oil is certified organic and 100% natural, 99% of the natural ingredients are organic. The Bloom Body Oil contains safflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil, rose geranium flower oil, palmarosa oil, patchouli oil, and vitamin E. Safflower oil is known to rejuvenate and moisturise damaged skin. Jojoba oil is found in most natural skincare products, due to its quick absorbing properties. We found the Bloom Body Oil wasn’t greasy, it absorbed well and did wonders to hydrate our skin. Nathalie Bond recommends this oil for all skin types and we couldn’t get enough of the beautiful rose geranium and patchouli fragrance, it left our skin gently scented. You can purchase Nathalie Bond’s  Bloom Body Oil 30ml for £10.00 or the 100ml bottle for £24.00 here. There is free shipping on orders over £40 in the UK.

Pure Massage

I signed up on something of a whim to run a 10k Race For Life in aid of Cancer Research, slightly unprepared for the challenge that lay ahead. I hadn't run since the days of cross country club at school, and the treadmill was always the one machine in the gym I avoided like the plague. However, following my aunt's diagnosis with breast cancer, and never one to turn down a challenge I began running again, determined to complete the 10k  without stopping to walk.

What followed was a very sweaty 10 weeks, in which my co-workers at The Amazing Blog witnessed my hobbling into work, my aching limbs, and a rather dodgy knee. And having completed the race with Eleanor and Sarah cheering me along, suffice to say that the following day my body was ravaged. Thankfully, I was booked in for a relaxing massage at Pure Massage in Fulham, a haven of tranquility tucked away from the lively Fulham Broadway.

I was taken into one of the treatment rooms by my friendly massuese and after leaving the room to allow me to undress she swiftly returned to work her magic. She begun the massage by placing a warm towel on my ankles and feet, which had an immediately soothing effect. With calming music playing in the background I slipped into a blissful state as warm oil was expertly worked into my throbbing muscles, with special attention being paid to my shoulders and calves which were, unsurprisingly particularly tight. After having massaged my back, neck and calves I was then turned over so the masseuse could concentrate on my legs and feet, and it seemed that the hour had passed in the blink of an eye.

Following the massage we briefly touched upon my exercise regime and the importance of regular massages in order to recover from strain and injury was emphasised upon. I was also told to ensure that I stay hydrated at all times - particularly when training. Given that after my Race For Life I swiftly signed up for a half marathon, I'll certainly be going back for a post run massage!

And so, whether, like me you're after a massage to help the condition and recovery of your body in relation to exercise, or whether you simply fancy indulging in a bit of me-time away from the hustle and bustle of London (particularly during the all-encompassing Olympics) visit Pure Massage in either Fulham or Bond Street - and with 15% off for all new clients, what's not to love?!

Miss Patisserie's French Delicacies!

With the early April sunshine now just a distant memory and next month set to be the coldest May in over a hundred years it feels like winter all over again here at The Amazing Blog. And when the skies are this dismal and grey, there's nothing I like better at the end of a long day at work than a nice, long soak in a hot bath with an accompanying glass of wine. And as I'm always on the lookout for new bathtime treats, I was thrilled to come across the French-themed Miss Patisserie. Designed to cater for your every need - whether you want to relax, de-stress or refresh, Miss Patisserie offers a range off luxurious products that put the fun back into bath time! The fragrance and essential oils are designed to evoke the senses and have been created with past times and fond memories in mind and they use natural ingredients including both epsom and dead sea salts all of which have amazing benefits on the body. I tried the pastel coloured French Macaroons, which look just like the real thing and are named after the most glamorous French cities including Paris and Cannes. Bursting with fragrance and fizzy salts, these bath accesorries are a real French delicacy! Available online from the Miss Patisserie website.