Both in the lead up to and in the midst of the Olympics, London has been enthralled by fitness fever hitting the capital. It's fair to say my gym has never been so packed, and there are certainly more runners on Clapham Common than ever before. Even we at The Amazing Blog, whose afternoon snacks usually consist of Haribo and Diet Coke, have been opting for healthier alternatives that give optimum energy until home-time. And with all the sinewy limbs, wash-board stomachs and athletic prowess dominating every platform available, there's never been a more inspiring time to look after ourselves.

With fitness boot-camps and juice cleanses-a-plenty, there are answers to all our fitness dilemmas everywhere we look. But sometimes, fad diets and early morning military training can leave us more tired and lethargic than a sleepless weekend, and this is where the experts at Aqualibria can help. With a new and totally fresh approach to the ancient practise of colon hydrotherapy, they offer a natural, cleansing detox using the most advanced technology.

As the office guinea pig, I volunteered to go along to Aqualibria's HQ on London's Harley Street and, not knowing entirely what to expect, was pleased to find a very holistic, serene practise. I was greeted by founder and clinical director of Aqualibria, Velile Ndebele who immediately put me at ease as she lead me into her office for my initial consultation. Having already completed a questionnaire prior to my visit, we went through my diet and lifestyle as Velile gently pointed out various changes I could make in order to benefit my digestion and consequentially my health and fitness.

Following the consultation I was shown to the treatment room where the colonic hydrotherapy is carried out. Aqualibria is the first centre in the UK to use the Libbe Colon Hydrotherapy Open System which differs from the traditional system in that it offers a greater degree of comfort and dignity, often with more effective results. Natural mood enhancing scents, an electronic massager and theraputic music make the treatment, while not quite as pleasurable as my post-race massage, certainly a lot more relaxing that I had initially anticipated.

I left with a print out of guidelines to follow and nutritional advice that would aid me in my quest for a greater level of well-being and certainly felt a lot 'cleaner' on the inside. Colonic Hydrotherapy is a brilliant alternative therapy that is perfect for anyone suffering from IBS or constipation, but it is equally great for those who want a thorough detox and a kick start on their way to a healthier way of life. And with an ambient interior and a reassuring and experienced team of staff, Aqualibria certainly get my vote!