SilDerm's Lumixyl RevitalEyes

This time every year, my skin reacts terribly to the change of season - the constant changes of temperature make my skin dehydrated and very dull... make-up ends up looking odd and not as natural. That's why apart from looking for nourishing products, brightening ones are also on the top of my beauty wishlist every Autumn. To be fair, and when it comes to eye cream, I've always been on the hydrating side of formulas as they make under eye concealer go smoother - however, and following the "no dull skin in Autumn/Winter", I have to say that I and the girls at The Amazing Blog have fallen for SilDerm's Lumixyl RevitalEyes Brightening Eye Cream.

Lumixyl RevitalEyes claims to correct the 4 main signs of age of the eye area: dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, dryness and inflammation - most eye creams usually treat one or two of these factors, however, Lumixyl RevitalEyes has been designed specifically to rejuvenate the eye area correcting these 4 main issues. This effective eye cream uses the Decapeptide-12 technology, which stops the production on melanin; the dark pigment in the skin that causes sun spots, liver spots and dark eye circles. To be fair, I don't suffer from neither fine lines nor inflammation; however, I do have a super sensitive under eye area which needs deep hydration and brightening. The product is quite liquidy yet nourishing, it leaves the skin feeling fresh and soothes this sensitive area instantly. Silderm's Lumixyl has left my skin smoother, more flexible and definitely brighter.

You can buy SilDerm's Lumnixyl RevitalEyes on their website, it retails at £50 - worth every penny.