PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner - Jane Iredale


Full and long lashes are our favourite accessory here at The Amazing Blog, whether you're foregoing makeup or glamming up. We especially love when our lashes are lengthened and strengthened and making  our much more mascara long-lasting. That’s why we were delighted when Jane Iredale sent us their Purelash Lash Extender & Conditioner.

This multi-purpose product is the perfect way to achieve thick, long and strong lashes. It can be used as a mascara primer, adding measurable thickness and length to the lashes when used under your favourite mascara and helping the mascara to last-longer. Not only are you left with fluttery and flirty lashes, but it also allows you to use less of your mascara, therefore helping your purchase last longer. The second purpose is perhaps our favourite; apply the product to clean lashes before bed for an overnight lash treatment. The Aloe Extract and Vitamin B Complex Factor moisturises the lashes, helping them to grow stronger and healthier. Hydrolysed Wheat Protein aids in thicker growth and with the added bonus of curlier lashes. You can even use this product to condition your eyebrows if you're coveting some bushier brows.

The majority of mascaras slow the growth of the hair follices along your eyelid. This results in scarce lashes that struggle to grow, and is why the Purelash Lash Extender & Conditioner is such a beneficial product. What's more, the product is cruelty-free so as your lashes grow, your guilt won't!  If you're still somehow not convinced, think about it this way, you wouldn't skip the conditioner in your hair-wash routine, so why skip it on your eyelashes?

Purchase the Pure Lash Extender and Conditioner here for £16.00. 

Magnetic Lash

If I could only choose two products from my make-up bag, that would be concealer (no one has perfect skin, huh?) and mascara. My eyes are naturally quite big, but as a glass wearer, they tend to appear much smaller and I really dislike that - so in order to make my lashes look fuller and longer I used to apply a few coats of mascara, making my eyelashes look clumpy and spidery (which I confess I love, but not for everyday). Being as picky as I am with mascara, I was more than pleased when I came across Santhilea's Magnetic Lash - a simple 3 step application system that makes your eyelashes look full and flirty. Even though the application may sound as a mission, it's quite fast and easy once you get used to it: firstly, apply Magnetic Lash in the usual way, as you would do with a mascara; while the lashes are still wet, dab gently Lash Builder evenly from base to tips and let it dry slightly. Finally, reapply as desired Magnetic Lash as a top coat. Magnetic Lash is not a heavy paint, and despite the three steps, it's easier to remove than ordinary mascaras as it won't smear across your face.Magnetic Lash holds the curl beautifully and keeps your lashes in good condition - its formula contains Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E to nourish and condition, supporting natural lash growth.

At The Amazing Blog we've never tried such a great lash product - it delivers volume and length, it doesn't budge or move and holds the curl like nothing else. Magnetic Lash is truly super-volumizing and lengthening.

Magnetic Lash retails at £24.99 and can be purchased through their website.  If you're used to buying your mascara from the high street, we understand that the price tag might scare you, but at The Amazing Blog we highly recommend this amazing product, you won't look back!



Your eyelashes

LVL Lashes is one of my most favourite beauty treatments. I love the way it is low maintenance but really gives a full-on WOW look to my lashes. It’s also a relaxing treatment that allows you to close your eyes for 45 minutes, with the cooling gel pads placed just under eyes, for a soothing experience.  LVL Lashes will lend a remarkable amount of length, thickness and uplift to your very own eyelashes. My LVL Lash treatment lasts the life of my eyelashes (approx 6-8 weeks) and the best bit is that you’ll have no more waking up with false lashes on your pillow or spidering down your face – these are YOUR eyelashes. Want to know more? Firstly and most importantly it doesn’t harm the fine hair of your lashes. It’s a specially designed formulation developed with the latest innovative technology that is virtually damage free and it’s an easy process too! See what Top International Make Up Artist, Lisa Eldridge recently had to say about the LVL Lash treatment: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mjf2CrUO1DY] “I am obsessed with curling my eyelashes! Even if I don’t put on any make up, I have to get my eyelashes curlers out to look and feel awake. I really do believe that having curled lashes is one of the quickest ways to brighten and lift your entire face. When I heard about the latest technology in lash enhancement, the ‘LVL’ (length, volume and lift) developed by Karen Betts, I could barely contain myself! Having sent many women to have this treatment done I finally decided it was my turn. Have a look at the procedure itself and the frankly, gobsmacking results in this short video”. Top International Make-up Artist Lisa Eldridge   An LVL Lashes treatment is from £45.Visit www.lvl-lashes.co.uk for moreinformation – there is a Salon Finder here too, so you can find a qualified LVL Lashes technician in your area. Or call 0845 644 3994.

Flash the Lash

Okay, I am going to be completely honest here, I was a bit sceptical and apprehensive when it came to strip lashes, I always thought they looked too tricky to apply, and being as cack-handed as I am, would take loads of practice and time to apply and, once on, would irritate me. All of these factors have put me off experimenting with strip lashes. I tend to not have a lot of time on my hands when it comes to getting ready to go out so, for me, quick, easy to apply beauty products are a must.  What’s more, once applied, I would constantly worry that they might fall off anyway so all that bother, hassle and practice for nothing. Whenever I go out I have always opted to be boring and stick to the safe option of wearing mascara - plenty of it mind you. So, as gathered, I am a strip-lash virgin! Finally, the lovely Karen Betts and celebrity lash technician, Jane Tindall, introduced me to their Blink + Go strip lashes and I am now a committed fan of the range. Not only are Blink + Go strip lashes very simple, quick and easy to apply, they instantly gave my lashes a gentle natural lift that my droopy eyes desperately need (trust me, every photograph taken of me I look half asleep). In the blink of an eye, my eyes suddenly looked dramatic and awake – yes – no more detagging photos on Facebook. One advantage of the Blink + Go range is the adhesive dries transparent so even if the first attempt at applying the lashes goes askew simply moving it to a new position means that the white adhesive disappears - perfect.

Karen and Jane were super helpful and recommended which lashes suited my eye frames.  The Blink + Go range has a shape and size to suit all eye shapes as well as occasions, from the dramatic over the top look, to the more natural everyday style. Jane suggested I use the Temptress range (me a temptress – well I never!) to give me a luscious lift. I wore them back in the office that day and then into the night when I met with friends for after work drinks.  Friends commented on how my eyes appeared more open and lifted but the lashes still looked very natural - all compliments a girl likes to hear.  The lashes were very comfortable and didn’t irritate my eyes. To be honest, if it hadn’t been for my friends’ comments that evening I would of forgotten that I even had them on.

And here is the best part…the lashes are reusable and I found that they did not lose their shape. Karen applied the lashes on the Friday and I found myself easily reapplying them, which I was very pleased about, on the Saturday evening – brilliant – a convert.

I now have the confidence to apply them without taking up too much of my precious ‘getting ready time’. I didn’t realise how simple and effective applying Blink + Go strip lashes would be.  So I encourage all strip lash virgins out there to give Blink + Go a try and see for yourselves how easy they are - whatever style you're in the mood for – be it Flirt, Tease or the Temptress, I promise your eyes will be transformed.