The M’hencha Company - Moroccan Cake

m'hencha cake

Sometimes our body, soul and taste buds are in need of a holiday, and we here at The Amazing Blog  have found the perfect escape!  The M’hencha Company offers a range of spectacular treats, including our favourite Moroccan cake, has taken our taste buds on an exotic journey!

 With a passion for ‘awakening the senses’ through baking, The M’hencha Company founder, Sophie channelled her love for cake making into her specially designed M’hencha Cake.  Praise of her Moroccan delights from family and friends soon turned into recognition from colleagues like three-star awards at the Great Taste Awards, as well as at the Guild of Fine Foods.   Sophie and The M’hencha Company offer a variety of delicacies from bite-sized treats to celebration cakes, with both eating and serving suggestions. For the M'hencha Cake we received, it is best recommended to be eaten within five days of delivery, which we had no problem with that here in the office! This delicacy is a crunchy yet gooey coiled pastry cake made of almond frangipane, citrus zests, rosewater and perfectly topped with crumbled pistachios. Given that it was our first taste of Morroccan cake, it was a hit here in the office leaving us wanting more. After consumption however, there were a few guilty faces in the office, which I found amusing since calories are the least of my concerns. All the more to me I say!

The Moroccan cake is suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner- personally we found the M’hencha Cake satisfied perfectly as a mid-afternoon snack. The M’hencha Company suggests pairing a slice of cake during breakfast with coffee, enjoying a piece during lunch with a Moroccan mint tea or indulging in a slice of cake for dessert following dinner.  Delight yourself with a classic 6” M’hencha cake, serving 3-4 guests, from The M’hencha Company for £16.95 here.

Kaé Argatherapie - L'Huile de Beaute

Since our first post on Argan Oils and its benefits, we've somehow felt drawn to finding more and more examples of fabulous products containing this so-called "liquid gold". Winter is already hitting London - women are already wearing their fabulous faux fur coats and stolls and men are looking great with their warm winter coats. We know that argan oil won't do anything for keeping you warm during this time of the year; however, your skin will thank you for that extra bit of care. So if your skin is already looking dull and feeling extra dry and tight, Kae Argatherapie might be a good brand to bear in mind in order to make your skin comfortable during this upcoming harsh winter.

At The Amazing Blog we've had the chance to Kae Argatherapie's Huile de Beaute (Beauty Oil) and once again, argan oil hasn't let us down. This Beauty Oil can be used on your face, your body and your hair. This organic argan oil prevents and reduces the signs of aging (not too concerned about that as I'm still in my early twenties...) and it also deeply nourishes and repairs the skin; which is perfect for my dehydrated skin. It also leaves a beautiful and flattering finish on the skin preventing the dullness of the colder months. Kae Argatherapie's Huile de Beaute can be used in many different ways; my favourite way to use it is mixing it with my hair mask - I add between 3 to 5 drops of this gold liquid to my mask, warm the mixture by rubbing my hands and leave it in for a good 20 minutes. My dry hair feels soft and silky after this intensive treatment.

We also had the chance to try their Beaute Scintillante, an organic dry oil that illuminates the tan and gives the skin a very pretty golden sheen. We've found this oil perfect for the summer and for those nights when you wear a short dress and want your legs to look fantastic.

The Amazing Blog can't recommend the use of oils on the skin enough (even if your skin is oily!), but only good oils. Stay away from harsh chemicals, sulfates, soaps, parabens and mineral oils. You should get to know your skin and its needs depending on the weather and where you live; and after that, start creating your own "skincare wardrobe", with products that rotate depending on your needs. Your skin will thank you for that extra effort and investment!

Kae Argatherapie's Huile de Beaute can be purchased on their website for £34.00.


House of Argan - Argan Seasoning Oil

  Cosmetic companies jumped into the bandwagon of argan oil more than a year ago - many brands have enriched their formulas with this gold liquid that everybody seems to be talking about, whether because it nourishes your hair like nothing else or just because it's a dream for those with dry skin. However, if someone ever told me that Argan oil could be used as a dressing oil, I simply wouldn't believe it... perhaps because the cosmetic side of it is the only one consumers reach to see. House of Argan has made me realise that Argan oil is a real all rounder when I tried their Argan Seasoning Oil as a salad dressing!

House of Argan's Seasoning Oil is 100% cold pressed edible Argan Oil made with no preservatives - it contains double the vitamins of ordinary olive oil and it's Certified Organic. Its taste is quite nutty which makes it ideal for using as a salad dressing and for seasoning meat and fish - you should note that Argan oil loses its nutritional benefits once heated so for best results it should be used in cold dishes or after cooking, before serving. One of the things that caught our attention of this oil was its runny and light consistency which in my case, helped me digest it more easily.

Argan Oil is packed with goodness; the high level of Linoleic Acid - an essential fatty acid - helps to improve the heart and circulatory function. One tablespoon a day of this oil is an effective and natural method of keeping cholesterol levels under control and helping prevent heart disease too. Moreover, and as we all well know because of the way it's marketed,  it regenerates the skin reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also assists in the treatment of skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea and Acne. At The Amazing Blog we love multipurpose products, and now it seems that the coveted by beauty experts gold liquid is one of them; not only can it make you look amazing, but it can make you feel amazing too!

If you want to have a look at the full range of products by House of Argan (cosmetic and non-cosmetic) and purchase their organic and natural products, visit their website. The Argan Seasoning Oil retails at £28.75.






In London's changing weather, your skin can get dried out quite quickly, so you'll need a good moisturiser to make sure your skin stays soft, supple, and ready for summer. We're sure you've heard about the benefits of Argan Oil for your hair, but Douvall's Organic Argan Oil Moisturiser is a luxurious oil for not only your hair but your body and face.

Douvall's Argan Oil delivers significant restorative and anti-aging effects - providing nourishing protection for your skin. The naturally high concentration of vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids increase skin radiance and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can use Douvall's in 3 different ways: as a moisturiser for your face and body, as a hair and cuticle oil, and in the bath as a soothing and nourishing addition. We find that you only need a few drops of Douvall's to get great results, you especially don't want to over-do it when using it in your hair. Start with a small amount and use more as you need it. Argan Oil is an all natural oil, extracted from nuts from the Argan Tree, native to Morocco. The whole process of harvesting the oils is completely organic and chemical free. Douvall's works with a women's cooperative in Morocco, who harvest the oil, and are committed to bettering the community and empowering women. So not only are you getting a high quality product, but the knowledge that you're helping a community of people who produce the product. Douvall's is environmentally friendly, non-irritating, non-allergenic and certified Vegan, so it's suitable for everyone. Whenever they can, they use recycled and recyclable materials for their products.

They have a smaller travel size, perfect for frequent flyers, and a larger size great as a permanent fixture in your bathroom. Head over to their website to buy your own Douvall's Organic Argan Oil Moisturiser.