Kaé Argatherapie - L'Huile de Beaute

Since our first post on Argan Oils and its benefits, we've somehow felt drawn to finding more and more examples of fabulous products containing this so-called "liquid gold". Winter is already hitting London - women are already wearing their fabulous faux fur coats and stolls and men are looking great with their warm winter coats. We know that argan oil won't do anything for keeping you warm during this time of the year; however, your skin will thank you for that extra bit of care. So if your skin is already looking dull and feeling extra dry and tight, Kae Argatherapie might be a good brand to bear in mind in order to make your skin comfortable during this upcoming harsh winter.

At The Amazing Blog we've had the chance to Kae Argatherapie's Huile de Beaute (Beauty Oil) and once again, argan oil hasn't let us down. This Beauty Oil can be used on your face, your body and your hair. This organic argan oil prevents and reduces the signs of aging (not too concerned about that as I'm still in my early twenties...) and it also deeply nourishes and repairs the skin; which is perfect for my dehydrated skin. It also leaves a beautiful and flattering finish on the skin preventing the dullness of the colder months. Kae Argatherapie's Huile de Beaute can be used in many different ways; my favourite way to use it is mixing it with my hair mask - I add between 3 to 5 drops of this gold liquid to my mask, warm the mixture by rubbing my hands and leave it in for a good 20 minutes. My dry hair feels soft and silky after this intensive treatment.

We also had the chance to try their Beaute Scintillante, an organic dry oil that illuminates the tan and gives the skin a very pretty golden sheen. We've found this oil perfect for the summer and for those nights when you wear a short dress and want your legs to look fantastic.

The Amazing Blog can't recommend the use of oils on the skin enough (even if your skin is oily!), but only good oils. Stay away from harsh chemicals, sulfates, soaps, parabens and mineral oils. You should get to know your skin and its needs depending on the weather and where you live; and after that, start creating your own "skincare wardrobe", with products that rotate depending on your needs. Your skin will thank you for that extra effort and investment!

Kae Argatherapie's Huile de Beaute can be purchased on their website for £34.00.