Pink by Undergreen


It's nice to think that tomorrow is officially the first day of Spring - frankly in my view,  not a moment too soon. I'm bored witless by the grey skies and the cold, damp weather.   So roll on spring with its gentle fragrances of tulips, daffodils and bluebells. Which brings me on to revealing my very particular seasonal habit. I am fastidious about changing my scent to suit the time of year.  So tomorrow it will be goodbye to the heavier amber notes in my current fragrance and hello to something a little more uplifting and floral.  In fact, by a rather happy coincidence a new fragrance by Undergreen  called Pink  arrived  for us to test this week at The Amazing Blog .

Pink has a flirtatious blend of fruity and floral notes that combine to make a elegant and fine fragrance. After spraying the Pink fragrance on my neck and inner wrist, I initially smelled a citrusy scent that mixed oranges and lemons together.  This then faded away, giving a new essence of mixed pears and strawberries together with a very subtle aroma of cloves too.  However, this is NOT a just fruity fragrance it is much more complex than that and after a while I noticed the warm base notes of caramel and vanilla appearing. My conclusion?  Pink is a sweet and balmy composition which leaves a rather delicous and seductive scent on the skin that lingers on and on... Making it the perfect choice for anyone are looking for something a bit 'different' for Spring i.e. fresh, clean and yet fun, sensual and playful.

Pink  definitely redefines the gap between natural, sweet, and fruity fragrance into a balanced classical scent. By the way Undergreen has also produced Black, White and Gold fragrances too. They are all made by an advanced environmentally-friendly extraction technique (Chimie Naturalle) where they also use only 100% natural ingredients in the fragrances. Pink is available to purchase from Harvey Nichols in stores and on-line for £120 for 100ml bottle and a little spritz goes a long way.