BYOCwebsite Tired of the same old bar scene? Looking for something a bit different? Then we at The Amazing Blog have the perfect place for you... B.Y.O.C. is fun 1920’s style drinking den that can be found neatly tucked away in the depths of London's Covent Garden. Interestingly, the name of the bar B.Y.O.C.  stands for 'Bring your own cocktails' which is an enitrely new concept to arrive here for the London bar scene. By the way, this is a completely 'dry' bar so absolutely no alcohol is stocked on the premises.  So you need to be prepared and armed with your very own bottle of spirits, champagne, wine or even beer. This is so that their skilled  master mixologist can create something that is tailored just for you. Their mixologist is always ready to be put through his paces and will blend you something extraordinary with his selelction of fresh syrups, plenty of herbs and spice and seasonal fruits, thus creating anything your little tastebuds desire.

trolly cart

B.Y.O.C only opened in February so being super-curious, we couldn't resist checking it out. After making a table reservation we all  made our way downstairs to the candlelit tables, hanging glassware and a lone cocktail mixologist  who was wheeling his antique drinks trolley. With exposed brickwork, an original fireplace, gramophone and vintage signs from the 1920’s, B.Y.O.C. is a secret underground hide-away in the centre of London;  providing a totally unique and interactive experience for cocktail fiends everywhere. After getting ourselves comfortable at our table, the master mixologist arrived and began to ask us what flavours we'd like to enjoy with our trusty bottle of vodka. I explained that I like a mint flavour with a twist of citrus. The drink was then carefully and expertly created in front of my eyes. The cocktail matched my flavour profile exactly - impressive.    B.Y.O.C. is guaranteed to offer you and your friends a fun night out with the opportunity to try all sorts of adventurous cocktail combinations. However, watch out for the hangovers!


In order to have an unforgettable night of your own at B.Y.O.C, reserve your table at their website. For £20 you can have an incredible experience with some of your close friends and to find this bar, go to 28 Bedfordbury Street (underneath the Juice Club) in Covent Garden. For any press enquiries, please contact Palm PR. In order to get more information about this unique bar check out their website or on twitter.