flicktips blog As an eye-liner devotee kind of gal, I am always wearing my signature winged liner and a good three coats of mascara. Whenever I walk out the door without my jet black eyeliner on, I feel a part of me is missing. I’ve tried lots of eyeliners through the years: gel, liquid, felt-tip, pencil… and I’ve come to the point when I master every single application technique.

However, the older I get, the less I worry about make-up. My everyday face will consist of a natural base, some blush and a gazillion layers of mascara: simple, natural and polished. I’ve been neglecting my usual eyeliner look because I honestly, cannot be bothered to deal with brushes and getting the perfect flick angle on both eyes. The day FlickTips came through The Amazing Blog’s door, I found the perfect excuse to use liner again and escape from my boring everyday face routine.

FlickTips is a clever concept:  they’re stick-on tips for your eyeliner. You only have to apply top eyeliner as usual, stick the FlickTip of your choice and you’re good to go. FlickTips gives you the perfect angle and an even wing straightaway without worrying about correcting it. The application is fairly easy: you can either apply the tip using your fingers or tweezers, making sure that the outer corner of your eyes are clean.

FlickTips have a range of different flick models to suit everyone’s eyeliner taste: from the classic and always flattering wing, to the most daring triple and multi wings. FlickTips also offer The Jewel Couture Eyewear Collection, stunning liners with stick-on jewels – perfect for a night-out.

Overall, FlickTips are a definite winner for me – I am back with wearing my signature liner look and I couldn’t be more pleased, as it literally takes me a few seconds to do my liner every morning. Thank you FlickTips for making things a bit easier!

FlickTips have an offer for a Special Offer Pack (10 different designed Party & Classic Flicks) for only £10 – free P&P and PayPal service.