Lavera Body Oil - Lime Sensation

blog As we wind down from a busy workday, we love to treat ourselves to the very best. My favourite thing is to use a nice smelling body oil to perk me up and Lavera has delivered just that. When we received Lavera Body Oil at The Amazing Blog we couldn't be more excited to try it out.  What we like about a brand like Lavera is the fact they're dedicated to providing organic cosmetics and skincare products specifically for sensitive skin and allergies. And as you regular readers of our blog will know - I just 'love' my organic products...

If you have ever tried different body oils than you will understand exactly what I mean. Isn't it a pain when you buy a body oil that smells delicious when its in the bottle but then when applied to the skin, it simply metamorphosises into something deeply unrecognisable. Well happily this was completely different, the scent of the lime is strong but sweet and once you apply it  the  smell slightly lingers for an hour or two afterwards. This body oil had the perfect hint of lime citrus – almost as if you squeezed a fresh lime juice right onto your skin. I put a couple of drops on my damp skin before going to bed and first thing after a shower in the morning. Using only a couple of drops will go a long way for this particular body oil. Truly it left my skin feeling fresh, soft and smelling divine.

I would recommend Lavera Body Oils if you like to  pamper your skin after a hard day or week. Lavera Lime Sensation Body Oil  leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling exotic. If lime isn't your thing worry not, Lavera offers a variety of other scents, so you can find which fragrance suits you best.  You can purchase Lavera Body Oil for only £8.95 per bottle and get ready to pamper yourself with the sweet smell of fresh limes.

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