La Sultane de Saba – Hammam Rituals Kit

Here at The Amazing Blog, we try to make time for relaxation - this is one of your top priorities; and recently we've been taking this routine to the next level, thanks to the luxurious spa brand La Sultane de Saba. This natural artisan French spa brand has established itself as spa and wellness experts, bringing unique globally inspired treatments to their 4 Parisian flagship spas and also to over 2,500 international spas. They pride themselves on developing products from the proven beauty traditions of past generations. Their products and treatments work on a holistic level and they understand how important it is for us all to find time for relaxation and downtime in our busy modern schedules. This amazing Moroccan inspired Hammam Rituals Kit is a home spa treatment and it's certainly helped us to let our stresses and strains fade away...

The Hammam Ritual Kit comes in an elegantly designed rich brown zippered pouch, it contains natural Rassoul Lava Clay, Black Soap, Shea Butter, a Kessa Glove and a spatula. The three products provide your hair, body and face with a variety of benefits that we'll go into more detail about below. You can use the included Kessa Glove with any of these three products to give skin a deep scrub that gets rid of dead skin cells. The included spatula allows you to use every last bit of these products.

First, we have the Rassoul Lava Clay which can be used on hair, body and face.  When applied to the hair this formula works to add volume and reduce oil. When used on the skin this spread is highly cleansing and works wonders for those with back acne. The star ingredients in this treatment are lava clay, rose and salicylic acid. The lava clay comes from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and works to purify. The rose works to calm, sooth and tone. The Salicylic Acid helps to improve cellular growth, create a more even skin texture, and is highly cleansing.

Next, we have the Black Soap which is a face and body cleanser for all skin types. The soap cleanser contains organic black and green olives, eucalyptus and olive fruit oil.  The organic black and green olives work together to hydrate skin, leaving a refreshed feeling. The eucalyptus provides an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and decongesting effect.  And lastly, the olive fruit oil helps to regenerate and replenish skin. This Black Soap has made a great addition to our shower routine.  

Last but certainly not least, we have the Shea Butter. This body butter contains Shea which is nourishing, balancing, and healing. Shea naturally contains vitamins A, E & F providing skin with a variety of health benefits. The added orange blossom provides skin with a calm, soothing effect. In addition to being a body butter (which is our favourite use for the product), this product can be used to prevent/reduce stretch marks, fix chapped lips, as a moisturiser, massage balm or even as a hair mask.  You can purchase the Hammam Rituals Kit here for £52.95. We would also like to mention that The Spa at Dolphin Square in London uses La Sultane de Saba products, so if you are looking for an authentic full-on Hammam experience, we recommend booking in here.

Feather & Down – Best Before Bedtime Set and Soothing Body Oil

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Getting a relaxing night’s sleep is not always that easy, we've all experienced being physically tired but our brain is still racing. Getting a full night's rest helps to reduce stress, improve memory, boost energy and keep your heart healthy. These are just a few of the countless benefits of getting enough sleep. Here at The Amazing Blog we love our beauty sleep, so imagine how happy we were to be sent Feather and Down’s 'Sleep Matters' products that help encourage relaxation and improve our sleep habits.  Feather and Down is a UK brand dedicated to providing products that promote a restful night's sleep. These range from body and bath to home fragrance, all with the key ingredients of lavender & chamomile essential oils, which are known to encourage a deeper slumber.

Feather and Down’s ‘Best Before Bedtime Set’ contains a range of products which allow you to unwind and drift off to sleep. The set consists of the brand's Pillow Spray, Melting Shower Cream and one chamomile tea bag. Both the Pillow Spray and the Melting Shower Cream contain lavender and chamomile essential oils. These essential oils promote a calming environment making a good night’s sleep more achievable. The chamomile tea bag is an added bonus in the bedtime set as chamomile tea is known to help you fall asleep faster. One team member was just so impressed with their performance, that they immediately purchased this set in order to gift to a friend.

We also tried the Feather and Down’s Soothing Body Oil as part of our night-time routine. It is commonly known that by massaging lavender and chamomile body oils into the skin muscle tension are alleviated, providing the body with incredible feelings of relaxation. The carrier oil here is a combination of sunflower, almond, jojoba, moringa and argan oils with the key essential of lavender and chamomile. All these help to lock in moisture, provide a soothing scent and prepare your body for a peaceful night's sleep.

Feather and Down's products have certainly been helping to improve our bedtime regime. If you want to purchase a ‘Best Before Bedtime Set’ that includes a Pillow Spray, a Melting Shower Cream and one Chamomile Tea Bag you can here for £5.00. You can also purchase Feather and Down’s Soothing Body Oil here for £8.00.

Anti-Age Concept Chocolate Mask - GMT Beauty

At The Amazing Blog, we know how important it is to include your body in your daily skin care routine, and while most people follow a  routine,  we understand that it can be easy to forget to take the same care over the rest of your body. GMT Beauty kindly sent us one of their body masks, and we think it is a great product for any of you who forget to look after the skin on the rest of your body, or for anyone looking to try something new. 

We tried the brand's Anti-Age Concept Chocolate Mask, which is an amazing mask that has been specifically designed to be used on the body. GMT Beauty products contain carefully selected ingredients along with patented active substances to produce brilliant results. In this case, the mask contains a blend of ingredients designed to rejuvenate and repair damaged skin that has lost its elasticity and radiance. Cocoa enriches the skin with Vitamin A and E and a multitude of antioxidants, protecting the skin from environmental stressors.

The mask also contains oats, which work to soften and heal damaged skin, and algae, which moisturises and protects it. This impressive mixture of ingredients really works together to reinvigorate dull and unhappy skin. We loved the scent of the product which had a strong chocolate aroma.

To use the product, the mask should be mixed with warm water and applied to th any problematic areas of the body you want to address. Leave the product on for 15-20 minutes and simply rinse it off with water (we found using the shower was easiest). The mask is suitable for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin as GMT Beauty ensures that there are no allergens in any of their products.

To give some love to your entire body, try GMT Beauty's Chocolate Mask here on Amazon for £14.00 - or you can purchase it from their website for €16.25. 


Goat Milk Comforting Bath Milk and Body Cream - Crabtree & Evelyn

Here at The Amazing Blog, there is nothing we love more after a hard day’s work than slipping into and a warm bath and relaxing. So we adore any product that will make this moment even more indulgent, and that will leave our skin feeling as soft and gentle as we feel calm, which is why Crabtree & Evelyn are at the top of our list every time. They have just created a Goat Milk Comforting range that we loved as it helped us unwind and helped us feel more like the pampered queens we are.

We were lucky enough to try the Comforting Bath Milk and the Comforting Body Cream from their Goat Milk range. Both products have been designed to pamper sensitive skin, and have delicate scents of Lavender, Geranium and Cypress leaf to help relax your senses while keeping skin nourished and hydrated. The products made us feel like we had been wrapped in cashmere!

Now, there is a very particular process to using these products, but trust us it is worth it. You begin by massaging the Comforting Bath Milk into your skin so that the product can sink in. Then, appreciate your time relaxing in the tub, before finally, massage the Comforting Body Cream onto towel-dried skin. We felt calm and relaxed and are skin felt soft and smooth and smelt divine.

Hydrate your skin and relax with Crabtree & Evelyn Goat Milk range. You can buy yourself the Comforting Bath Milk here for £28.00 and the Comforting Body Cream here for £20.00 .

Nelsons Arnicare Bath & Massage Balm


thursday new blog imageWe have all had those days when everything piles up and up and the stress can get too much. On days like that,  The Amazing Blog is so thankful for products like the Nelsons Arnicare Bath and Massage Balm.

This fantastic bottle of liquid gold is a three-in-one miracle stress, tension and muscle ache cure. It can be used as a soothing and luxurious bath oil for you to unwind in, as a massage oil to relieve stiff or aching muscles and as a body oil that should be applied after bathing to lock in moisture.

The Bath and Massage Balm contains arnica, a powerful ingredient extracted from the beautiful Arnica Montana plant which has anti-inflammatory properties that can ease muscle pain and reduce the appearance of bruises. Almond Oil and Evening Primrose are used to keep moisture in the skin whilst rejuvenating tired muscles. The product also makes use of lavender and grapefruit oil to calm the mind.

The Bath and Massage Balm has a fragrant herbal scent that is instantly calming thanks to the lavender notes. When applied to the skin, it absorbs very quickly without leaving oily residue. My skin instantly felt softer and smoother and the herbal fragrance lingered long after application. I think this product would be perfect if used in a bath and then as a moisturising body oil just before bed time to aid relaxation and ensure a comfortable and peaceful nights sleep.

The Bath and Massage Balm comes in a 200ml bottle for just £8.49 and can be purchased from Boots amongst other stockists which you can find listed on the website. If you would like some more information about the Arnicare range please visit the Nelsons website.