Gavin Taylor Hair - Shampoo & Conditioner

blog There is nothing worse than those synthetic shampoos and conditioners that rid your hair of natural oils and leave your locks feeling dry and coarse. That’s why we here at The Amazing Blog love natural and chemical-free hair products. So when we received samples of Gavin Taylor Hair shampoo and conditioner, we knew we would be quite interested in what they had to offer. Although the samples only gave me enough product for a weekend getaway.


Gavin Taylor sent us both the Lavender & Geranium and Camomile & Lemon Shampoo as well as the Frankincense & Sage Conditioner  - all of which are designed for naturally fine or oily hair. The Camomile & Lemon Shampoo was my favourite: combining English Camomile and Sicilian Lemon in perfect harmony. I found this remedy to rejuvenate both the balance and shine to my dull, product laden hair. And similarly, the sage in the conditioner naturally energizes dull, limp (and in my case: over worked) hair. The scent of each product was delightful and refreshing. All Gavin Taylor products are natural - free from parabens and synthetic foaming agents (SLS). Instead, their shampoo range contains Oxygenated Aloe Vera wheat proteins that gently moisturise your hair by locking in natural proteins and protecting it from external damage. While I only was only able to squeeze out a few trials, I can confirm all these attributes.


The natural elements, cosmetic benefits, and refreshing scents of these Gavin Taylor Shampoos and Conditioners are quite enticing. This brand has created a wonderful product that surely won't damage your hair or the environment. At £14 per a bottle, the price is a bit steep but well worth it. This is definitely a product I will purchase, and you can too on their website. Recommended.