EcoForce - Cleaning Products

blog When it comes to buying everyday household items, we at The Amazing Blog always lean towards those that are ‘green’ and eco-friendly. So when we received several cleaning products from EcoForce, we were really chauffed.


EcoForce is a unique brand that aims to reduce their carbon footprint at every possible level of production. All of their products are made from at least 90% recycled material, which reduces landfill waste, conserves precious fossil fuels and uses 70% less energy than new plastics. And with all their designing and manufacturing taking place here in the UK, EcoForce provides a ‘greener’ and more sustainable alternative to traditional cleaning items. From the wide array of products they offer, we were fortunate enough to receive their Scourers, Sponges, Cloths and Dusters. The scourers and sponges worked great around the sink and kitchen: mopping up messes and cleaning dishes with ease. While the cloths and dusters were useful around the office: cleanin up spilled tea and wipping off dirty fingerprints. Each item was perfect for some light household cleaning.


If the environmental benefits aren’t convincing enough, the price of all these products are extremely affordable. Ranging from £1 to £5, any of these products (and more) can be purchased on their website and in most supermarkets here in the UK - including Whole Foods. EcoForce makes it easy to be green while you clean.