Nordic House - Botanique Oil Lamps

blog1 Gazing out the window to see sunshine and beautiful blue skies makes me crave being outside more than ever. My colleagues and I at The Amazing Blog cannot help but brainstorm all the spring activities we want to do. One of my personal favourites is coming home and having dinner or a drink on my roof terrace amidst the fresh spring air (which I’m definitely doing tonight!). Setting the mood with some candles and basking under the starry sky can always help take the edge off after a long day’s work. Thankfully, we have found the lovely Nordic House Botanique Oil Lamps to help us do just that.

The Nordic House Botanique Oil Lamps emit a soft candle light glow that is just bright enough to see your drink without blocking out the shining stars. I find the small flame and gentle coloured base really help set the mood for relaxation. Made of a distressed ceramic, these oil lamps come in grey-blue, old white and taupe. These chic lamps are quite economical too, just a small amount of kerosene oil can last weeks. And if you are in a place where bugs become a bit pesty during spring, use citronella oil instead and keep the bugs at bay. At a modest £12.95 they have become an essential to my outdoor entertainment.

The ceramic compliments my rugged terrace beautifully, but if the distressed look doesn’t quite match your style don’t be turned away. The Nordic House offers a wide variety of oil lamps on their website. From modern glass and contemporary copper to oxidised metal and aged stone, they are sure to have a style to suit your home. With weather like this, being outside is a necessity. I cannot wait to get off work and unwind with a calm candle light dinner under the spring night sky.