Grab a New Scent for Summer from Rouge Bunny Rouge


Rouge Bunny Rouge is a Moscow-London based company that believes everything in life should have a touch of whimsy. We here at The Amazing Blog completely agree, which is why their products spoke to us so much. In addition to luxury cosmetics that all have an air of opulence and romance, Rouge Bunny Rouge has extended their impressive range to include a number of delicately crafted perfumes.


The scent I chose was ‘Chatoyant’, which I must say is absolutely wonderful. It is warm and inviting, with a bit of citrus at the start, followed by very obvious orchid and sandalwood notes.  There is a hint of vanilla throughout, but it is just enough and not terrifyingly sweet. It is as described by Rouge Bunny Rouge, ‘strange and yet familiar’. I know I have smelled the notes before, but not in such a wonderful composition. Many will love this scent. It is unique and yet very wearable; incredibly feminine, but mysterious at the same time. Also, it does not come off too strong, making it very appropriate for the day at work as well as special occasions.


‘Chatoyant’ eau de parfum retails at £83.30 for 50ml or 1.69 fl oz. It can be purchased on the Rouge Bunny Rouge website. In addition to Chatoyant, the company offers three other fragrances: ‘Incantation’, ‘Lilt’, and ‘Vespers’. Each scent has it’s own unique notes and personality, so to speak. If you can't decide on one, Rouge Bunny Rouge offers a gift set with trial sizes of each. Rouge Bunny Rouge has some of the most luxurious and unique scents available; perfect for a gift or just a new scent for yourself, so go on and get a little fragrance magic into your routine!