Try Out a New Shampoo Formula with Amazonian Ritual Powder Shampoo

Amazonian Ritual Powder It should come as no secret if you read our blog that we absolutely love hair products here at The Amazing Blog. Seriously, we love them like fish love water; unconditionally. We boast quite a few different hair types here, from dry to greasy, fine to thick, so each one of us certainly has our favourite products on the list. When we heard about a product called Amazonian Ritual Powder Shampoo, we were all very excited to try it as we had not used a powder shampoo before.


This is not to be confused with dry shampoo, as this does require the touch of water for it to work. It is 100% natural powder (no nasties e.g. parabens, sodium-lauryl-sulfate) and preservative free Brazilian powder shampoo.


It is no different than using a liquid shampoo, as you just wet your hair thoroughly and then pour some powder on the palm of your hand and massage it onto your hair. Even though it doesn’t contain SLS, it lathers up rather nice and has a very pleasant zesty smell to it, probably because it contains Vitamin C rich antioxidant fruits, Acerola and Camu Camu. We realized that not only did it keep our hair clean for longer than a day; it also gave our hair noticeably more volume. Fabulous!


Another wonderful thing about the powder texture of the shampoo is that it is much more travel friendly than a bursting bottle of liquid! Intrigued to try? You can get your Powder Shampoo fix via Your Tonic for £17.49.