Get Flawless Skin With Tara Walker's Perfecting Dream Creme


We all dream of having perfect skin that is completely flawless, with not a pore visible. However, as we at The Amazing Blog know very well, most of us do not have perfect skin. This is why we tend to look to creams, washes, and serums to do what they can to help our skin recover from environmental damage and stress that both take its toll on our appearance. When we find a product that really stands out, we do everything we can to get our hands on it. This was exactly the case when we heard about Tara Walker’s Perfecting Dream Creme.

Tara Walker developed her passion for creating skincare when she realised the potential of essentials oils and aromatherapy to improve the appearance of the skin. Tara initially created her Dream Rejuvenating Serum, which contains over 100 fine botanical and marine extracts with no perfumes and chemical additives. This serum has become the centre of every product in Tara Walker’s Dream skincare range. The Perfecting Dream Creme is essentially a skin moisturiser with the serum packed into the product. When I opened the ingredients list, it is really amazing to look at; a paragraph’s worth of botanical and marine plant extracts. The cream itself is packaged in an ingenious way, small containers linked together so that you can click one out individually, making it the perfect travel companion.

The texture of the cream is beautifully soft and almost velvety, due to the orange flower essential water in the formula. Some of the ingredients highlighted include golden seaweed, brown algae, tea extracts, and marine fennel, all of which help protect the skin, prevent inflammation and can promote cell turnover.

I found the Perfecting Dream Creme to be very moisturising and nourishing, leaving my face feeling soft and smooth. I used the cream instead of my usual moisturiser and applied my makeup directly on top. It worked really well as a base for me and did not leave my skin feeling excessively oily or greasy like some moisturising creams I have tried.

If you are searching for all-day natural moisture and a skin serum packed full of good-for-the-skin ingredients, then Tara Walker’s Dream skin range is going to be a wonderful choice for you. This cream can be used once or twice a day, and without or with makeup. The  Perfecting Dream Creme retails at £40.00 and can be purchased on Tara Walker’s website.