The Karen Gilbert Perfumery Masterclass


It probably comes as no surprise that we absolutely love perfume here at The Amazing Blog. Everyone has their ‘signature scents’ and favourite fragrance notes. I love to have a variety of perfumes so that I can switch from day to night and summer to winter. But have you ever wondered how perfumes are created and what goes into them? We have found the most wonderful events that can answer all of our fragrance related questions. Karen Gilbert is an author and natural beauty expert who offers perfumery classes and workshops so that you can get an inside look at the world of perfumes.

Karen is offering a 5 day intensive perfumery masterclass from the 9th-13th of September, perfect for perfume enthusiasts. Each day is devoted to a different fragrance family: Citrus, Floral, Chypre, Fougere, Oriental, and Modern Abstracts. You will look at an iconic selection of fragrances from each family, and learn exactly what ingredients create these scents. You will also learn about how to play up the base notes and end up creating your very own fragrance each day! This course is perfect for anyone deeply interested in the world of fragrance, as it is a bit of an investment at £800, but you will have the skill and the knowledge for life. Karen also offers one day and weekend workshops that are less in depth, but more of an overview of the world of perfumes. They cover topics like ‘training your nose’ and ‘practical blending techniques’. These day and weekend courses range between £150 and £350.


If you are interested in booking one of these perfumery classes with Karen Gilbert, visit her website for all related information and booking. These classes will make a perfect gift for a loved one, or if you are perfume fanatic, this is a lovely treat for yourself.

If you are inspired by Karen to learn more about perfumes, Harrods are currently running masterclasses, talks and consultations with famous perfumers. Christine Nagel will be revealing her new perfume for Jo Malone on Tuesday 3rd September 3pm-5pm, entry will cost £50. Linda Pilkington will be running a perfume making competition where she will pick the best fragrance( winning you a bottle of champagne) on Wednesday 4th September 3pm-5pm, costing £40. On Thursday 5th September at 8pm, Thierry Wasser will be conducting a Q&A session for Guerlain, entry is £40. Finally on Friday 6th September 12pm-4.30pm, Michel Almairac will be giving a talk about the creation of the signature scent for Chloé, entry is £20. If you would like more information about these events and to book, please call 020 7730 1234.