Freshen Up Your Skincare Routine with Agese Oil

Agese Oil With August coming to a close and the threat of the Autumn chill looming  ever closer, it is really time that we start thinking about our Autumn/Winter skin routine here at The Amazing Blog. Colder temperatures always means that our skin will become drier, and this is never good.Even if you tend to have oily skin, you’ll probably notice that your skin seems tighter in the winter. We are always looking for new and wonderful products to alleviate this dry and tight feeling that accompanies the change in seasons. One product that has really caught our eye in the search for special skincare products was the wonderful face oil made by Agese Oils.

Agese Oils was created to inspire women to go back to using the root essential products for the skin: oils. They have specialised formulas targeting the face, body, and hair, making sure each part of you gets the exact nutrients it needs to be beautiful. We were thrilled to try the face oil, because let’s be honest, we are a little obsessed with facial oils at The Amazing Blog HQ.

The Agese Face Oil is a Lotus and Peppermint Oil Elixir designed for the face and décolleté, which can be used to improve the skin’s texture and promote cell rejuvenation. You will want to use one drop twice daily for optimum results as a little of this product goes a long way. This is great then, as this oil lasts for ages. We have completely fallen in love with the packaging, the oil comes in a glass bottle encased in a carved wooden container that is simply beautiful.The oil smells refreshing, due to the peppermint, and feels wonderful and cooling on the face. This is ideal for anyone who is prone to dry skin in the chillier temperatures, and you will find that it is luxurious and nourishing. If that isn't enough to convince you, this oil is completely natural so there are no nasty chemicals that will be harmful to your skin. The Face Oil is created with a well balanced blend of Jojoba, Apricot, Lotus and Peppermint oils as well as natural Vitamin E oil, all of which are fantastic for the skin.

To try out the benefits of Agese Oils on your skin, visit their website where you can purchase the Face Oil which retails at £29 for 15ml. You can also find lots more information about this product and see the lovely range of other products on offer.