Waliwa Amazonian Natural Skincare

WALIWA NEW You will already know that here at The Amazing Blog, we are passionate about beauty products that are made from natural ingredients, as they are kinder to our skin and have wonderful benefits without any nasty chemicals. So when we heard about Waliwa, a brand whose products are made using natural ingredients straight from the Amazon Rainforest, we needed to know more, and we just had to get our hands on their products.

Waliwa was founded by Martha and Myriam who met when they travelled to the Amazon as students. They were stunned by the abundance of wonderful natural ingredients, so after they graduated, they knew they wanted to go back. They established a relationship with the Uitoto tribe, who are indigenous to the region they visited, and they partnered with a Professor of Indigenous Pharmacy, to help them to create a range of natural skincare products, and thus Waliwa was formed. We are also happy to tell you that not only are the products natural, but due to this relationship with the Uitoto tribe, the ingredients are ethically sourced and fairly traded too.

The Waliwa products contain extracts of fruit from the Amazon like Guava, Mango, Peach Palm fruit juice, and Cupuacu Butter. Their facial scrub is absolutely lovely and is made with passion fruit, tea tree oil, and Jojoba Esters. It feels wonderful on the skin, and is great to use as a weekly treatment to rid of one's dead skin cells. The range includes a number of face and body products that will easily fit into anyone’s daily skincare routine. Not only are Waliwa’s products wonderful, but their social commitment to people in the Uitoto community is highly commendable. They have arranged a fair trade agreement with them that will help the community as a whole, but will not interfere with their way of life. They took note that the Uitoto people exchange goods as payment not money and so for a harvest of their fruits; Waliwa supplied the wood that the community needed to build their communal houses. They also work in a sustainable manner to ensure that they are not doing any environmental harm to this area which is so rich with natural resources that many companies have chosen to exploit it and destroy large parts of the rainforest.

With a company whose practices are so ethical, socially responsible and with products so lovely, you will be sure to want to give their skincare range a try. To learn more about Waliwa skincare and the company’s ethical efforts, visit their website. You can also purchase their products there where they retail between £12 and £40.50.