The Bluebeard's Revenge Aftershave Cologne

Bluebeard image For us men, shaving is possibly one of our least favourite tasks, so we are always on the lookout for new male grooming products to spice up this dull ritual. When we heard about The Bluebeard’s Revenge Aftershave Cologne here at The Amazing Blog, needless to say we jumped at the chance to try it. The Bluebeard’s Revenge is a gentleman’s grooming company inspired by the manliest of all men: pirates! Their slogan boldly declares that their products are for ‘Real Men Only’, and they take great care in making sure that their products have the best ingredients for your skin.

The aftershave cologne has really cool packaging that definitely bought out the inner child in us. It is a glass bottle emblazoned with The Bluebeard’s Revenge logo which is of course, a skull and crossbones, so you really are applying a special pirate formula, OOOH ARRGHH!

The cologne itself is a brilliant blue, which reminds us of refreshing Caribbean waters. The scent starts off very crisp, which is perfect for post shaving. Bergamot and Basil are the highlights, then it moves into a very classic fragrance; Black Tea and Watermint. Last, but not least, you get a hint of Vanilla and Sandalwood, perfect for keeping things spicy throughout the day. All in all, it is a very classic and masculine scent, perfect for the modern man. It feels wonderful as an aftershave as well, and is very soothing, which is a plus since you will be splashing it on those tender areas. We loved that the bottle has an authentic splash on applicator because it is very different from the sprays you see nowadays.

Beyond the aftershave, The Bluebeard’s Revenge has created a wonderful range of shaving and grooming products perfect for any modern man. Some of their products are paraben free as well, which is something we lookout for.

If you are interested in purchasing The Bluebeard’s Revenge Aftershave Cologne, it retails for £19.99 on their website. What’s more, The Bluebeard’s Revenge are offering you our readers a very special  20% exclusive discount until 31st October  2013 please quote AMAZING20 at the check out on The Bluebeard’s Revenge Online Store.